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  • New Passport Rules for Sex Offenders

    The US State Department has begun revoking the passports of registered child sex offenders. The change has been made in order to comply with a law passed last year, the International Megan’s Law. Under the new law, registered sex offenders who have been convicted of an offense against a minor will no longer be able to use their current passports. Instead, they will have to apply for new sex offender passports that identify them as registered child sex offenders. The new passports will have a statement printed on the inside back cover that reads, “The bearer was convicted of a sex offense against a minor, and is a covered sex offender pursuant to 22 United States Code Section 212b(c)(l).”

    The new law will not limit the ability of registered child sex offenders to leave the country. However, the identifying marker in the new passports is very likely to prevent affected people from being allowed to enter other countries. The only convicted sex offenders in the United States who are not able to get passports at all are people who have been convicted of sex tourism crimes. (Most convicted felons are able to get normal passports in the United States. The main exception is people who have been convicted of international drug trafficking.)

    The goal of the change is to help curb child exploitation overseas. It is a noble and worthy goal, but it is unclear just how much effect the law will have on children abroad.

    The International Megan’s Law is named after Megan Kanka, a 7-year-old girl who was murdered by a registered child sex offender back in 1994. The terrible crime led to the creation of numerous state sex offender registries. Currently, every US state, the US territories, and many American Indian nations have sex offender registries. Those registries can all be accessed and searched through the FBI website.

    If you are a registered child sex offender, you should expect to receive a letter letting you know that your passport has been revoked. If you haven’t yet received such a letter, you may still want to apply for a new passport, especially if you have international travel plans in the coming months. Keep in mind that this new regulation does not apply to all registered sex offenders, just people who are registered child sex offenders.

    Crimes that can land you on a child sex offender registry include molestation of a minor, sexual conduct with a minor, kidnapping a child, engaging in lewd acts in the presence of a minor, and viewing or sharing child pornography (whether inadvertently or on purpose). In 29 states, having sex with a teen when you are also a teen can also land you on the list. So can posting naked pictures of yourself online if you are underage.

    If you have more questions about the new passport rules affecting registered child sex offenders, contact the Swift team today.

    178 thoughts on “New Passport Rules for Sex Offenders”

    1. This law offers nothing more than a false sense of security. Most people are ignorant as to the fact that the term sex offender is a broad term which includes people who were simply caught peeing in a public park because the bathrooms were locked, people that had consensual sex with a minor that they thought was 18 or older because the minor had lied to them, people who were BOTH under 18 and engaged in sexual consent acts such as sexting each other, etc., and these groups of people actually make up over 90% of the sex offender registry. Thus, the term sex offender covers too many people that are not a threat at all because the real dangerous child molesters and rapist are currently severing extremely long sentences such as 75yrs, 150yrs, 300yrs… and/or life in prison and are never released from prison to be put on the sex offender registry. Furthermore, sex offenders that have been released from prison are put on 10yrs, 25yrs, 50yrs… or even lifetime probation/parole and one of the rules of probation/parole is that the sex offender cannot leave the state, let alone the country. So what’s the point of having this law if the sex offender is already restricted from leaving the country? In all actually this law is nothing more than a “Gateway Law” because once we willingly let the Government violate the U.S. Constitutional and Civil Laws of some of its U.S. citizens the Government will then have the legal authority to violate the same U.S. Constitutional and Civil Laws of ALL its U.S. citizens!!! Once this law is implemented, what’s to stop the government from passing a law which requires ALL U.S. CITIZENS to state additional life threatening information on their passports? If you support this law then you are asking for a future where YOU will have YOUR PASSPORT stating such information as/but not limited to: YOUR RELIGION (imagine how dangerous this would be for you and your family to travel if the passport stated that you are Muslims, Christians, Jewish, Catholics, or any other religion which would target you and your family for harassment, discrimination, retaliation and/or even death threats), YOUR SEXUAL ORIENTATION (imagine how dangerous this would be for you and your family to travel if the passport stated that you or one of your family members are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or some other sexual classification which would target you and your family for harassment, discrimination, retaliation and/or even death threats) YOUR OCCUPATION (imagine how dangerous this would be for you and your family to travel if the passport stated that your occupation or one of your family members occupation was in law enforcement, the military or any other field which would target you and your family for harassment, discrimination, retaliation and/or even death threats). These are just a few examples. What’s to stop the Government from also passing a law that gives them the authority to stop you or any U.S. citizen from traveling outside the country? (imagine never being able to travel outside the country simply because you are a registered gun owner, imagine never being able to travel outside the country because you were delinquent on government college loans, imagine never being able to travel outside the country because you had a prior arrest for something as minor as disturbing the peace, imagine never being able to travel outside the country because you had a prior arrest even though it was dropped or acquitted, imagine never being able to travel outside the country because you’ve had too many driving tickets or DUI’s, or imagine never being able to travel outside the country because of some other B.S. the Government deems credible) The government is simply using the public’s hatred of sex offenders as a gateway to gain power and authority to overstep their United States Constitutional and Civil boundaries. This sex offender passport law violates several United States Constitutional and Civil Laws. Don’t be deceived!!! Once we willingly let the Government cross the line and violate the United States Constitutional and Civil laws, there is no going back!!!
      -“Who is going to have a unique identifier added to their passport next? Is it going to be Muslims? Is it going to be gays?” asks Janice Bellucci, a civil rights attorney.
      The United States Constitutional and Civil Laws were made to protect us United States citizens from Government corruption. Anytime a U.S. citizen is fighting the Government for U.S. Constitutional and/or Civil Law rights they are fighting the Government for ALL United States citizens! What is the point of this country having Constitutional and Civil Laws if we allow the Government to violate them?
      **Branding a human being and FOREVER denying them the right to leave a country is exactly what the Nazi’s did to the Jewish people and it‘s also a form of slavery. This is far more than just a Constitutional Rights issue, this is clearly a Human Rights issue and the United Nations should take notice**

    2. Paridon Williams

      Even if an offender is marked as a pedophile on their passport, what does that mean in a country when having sex with minors is acceptable? I can’t judge any culture of people who’ve always lived that way but an x-convicted person who runs to those places just to have sex with children has a deranged mind and should have been kept in the American prison that trusted them enough to allow them that freedom.

    3. Michelle borges

      Don’t you think this law violates people’s right to privacy not everyone should be put in a box and not all sex offenders will travel just to exploit children. Wow how can anyone who studied law allow this in justice

    4. Do any of you think the Constitution really matters? They’ll distort their truths however they must in order to justify the oppression of any group they please. They can pass laws behind closed doors, in the cover of darkness that take people’s rights away. The it takes an act of God to get those laws undone. Amerika is not “the land of the free”. It is the land of uncountable laws and prisoners.

    5. Everyone is bringing up valid issues and concerns. We at Swift Passport Services are providing this information as a resource to the public, as there is not much information available to the public.

    6. I’m a registered sex offender. My crime was a touch crime. I served a prison sentence, completed a term of parole. Ungone lie detector test, Counseling, and public humiliation. This was all over 25 years ago. I have not had any contact with law enforcement, own and run my own business and regained some respect from the community.
      My view point is that other countries where children might be exploited should police there own. The United States has no business being the border police in others countries. The United States actually pays the wages of US law enforcement to live and work in other countries to prevent sex crimes and control the entry of sex offenders into that country. One example would be the Republic of the Philippines.
      These laws are in good spirit and hope to stop the exploratation of minors. There is no proof that the laws work. I believe these are feel good laws. One might say it sounds good.
      More sooner than later politations that build reputation on sex offender laws will find a long slippery slope. These laws either cross constitutional bounties or soon will. I predict that there will be a back slide.

    7. I am also a sex offender with a child he was 16 and told me he was in his twenties certainly looks like it we had a 6-month relationship before I found out and when he decided to take my debit card and steal some money out of my bank the bank decided to prosecute him but the prosecutors got involved and told him if he admitted having a relationship with me they would make the banks and go away so he did long story short I ended up with the sentence of attempted indecent liberties with a minor or a child and I want to move to another country but I don’t know if I can get a passport it doesn’t sound like it from everything I’ve read also I live in Missouri which is a lifetime registry state does anyone know if there is somewhere I can move and get it expunged? I have to register right now every 90 for the rest of my life. And how about every Halloween we’re basically incarcerated again every Halloween each year I can’t even see my own grandchildren and give them treats at the front door

    8. This is why sex offenders need to rally together and fight back! Fight back for our lives! I committed my crime when I was 14. And was charged at 22 as an adult and just finished my 10 years probation and 2 yrs in prison. It was hell. Everywhere I went on this journey I was thrown in jail. Fought for the laws that protect me and was punished every time for the counties enjoyment. Now I have to have a passport that reports my crime. I paid my dues to this country and now it’s my life. We can’t even go into Mexico. Mexico… the country filed with drug and sex traffickers. I’m not these things I made a stupid mistake as a neglected abused child and I’ve paid my time. Now get the hell out of mine. We have to fight. We have to take back our lives. They do tbru make murders, drug dealers, or anyone else register. And the registry doesn’t work. We need to gather and fight people. Or it’ll just get worst with ever catholic priest call out. You can email me if u are a sex offender wanting to change we need to fight back kcg.assistant@gmail.com

    9. My husband is a registered sex offender in MS. He was falsely accused of sexual battery. Even though the “victim” has stated that it was a lie, he still has to register. The state of Mississippi says that its been more than 3 years since conviction so they can’t do anything. He spent 7 years in prison and still has 11 of 13 years probation. Thank God MS doesn’t do the sex offender “treatment”. I have read about the treatment. Its inhumane. Everything about the registry is inhumane. This is the only crime that you never stop paying for. If there were to be a rally, we would attend no matter where it was. We need to take our lives back.

    10. If a RSO with a 2nd degree felony charge in Florida wishes to get a passport to travel Europe upon retirement, will the passport be for 10 or 1 year ?

      1. Typically, the issuance of a passport is dependent on the terms of your sentencing. The duration is at the discretion of the agency issuing you a passport- if you’re a U.S. citizen, the US Dept. of State. For the most accurate information regarding your specific situation, it is recommended contacting the government authority.

    11. I am a RSO and would have the identifier on my passport. I have never traveled internationally and am.planning to go to the Netherlands and check republic in 2019 and have contacted those embassies and I was told that it is up to airport immigration at my time of arrival. Is there a way to get permission before I enter the country? Has anyone had any.problems with getting into these countries?

    12. I will be traveling next year to Spain and Sweden and all of our flights will be going through Amsterdam. I have spoken to the embassys in Spain and Sweden and it seems to be a non issue. I have talked with people in The Netherlands and they say the same thing as Scott mentioned. I am looking for something much more firm as I am traveling with a group and my family. I have connecting flights as well. You would think they have a firm policy on this not just the whim of a Border Guard.

    13. I just recently had my passport revoked without any knowledge of this new law & didnt receive any revocation letter prior. I was on the plane in Atlanta on my second leg of trip back to Kuwait where I have worked for the last 8+ years as well as other countries overseas for the last 10-12 years. All I was told by Customs & Border Patrol at the time was my passport is invalid & it was taken. Then was told to call the state Dept & left there in Atlanta to arrange my own return trip home to Arkansas. I spent the next 24hrs in Atlanta trying to get answers from CBP & State Dept without much luck except that is has been invalid since July 2018 & contact legal affairs. 2 days later after flying home & finally communicating with 1 person at State Dept legal affairs checking my situation still without any explanation, I finally stumbled across the new law myself on the internet while researching reasons why any passport is revoked. Then I asked the legal affairs Dept if that could be it, but was told I should have recieved a letter 1st, but I didn’t. Only then the legal affairs lady checked thoroughly & replied that a letter was issued to me in July 2018. I asked for the copy of the letter which she emailed me & it stated returned to state Dept as unforwardable. Well obviously so since that letter was sent to an old address in CA & I had moved to AR ten years ago & regestered there ever since.
      I was in kuwait from June till sept 2018.
      But in Sept I had traveled from Kuwait to Turkey got visa on arrival for a few days stay, then to Ukraine but couldn’t inter ukraine as my passport was showin lost or stolen from Interpol. Back to Turkey no issue, back to kuwait no issue, 3 days later back to USA, while going thru customs in Atlanta I enquirerd about my passport if any issues & was told nope. Then upon return trip in early Oct I was removed from plane in Atlanta. Here I am going thru process of getting the passport with endorsement & my kuwait work/resident visa will expire in the meantime. My company will reapply for new visa after I send a copy of new passport. But don’t know what will happen when/if I travel back there in a month or so after visa in place & if they get the notification of me as a sex offender entering the country. I suspect career will be ruined.
      My passport was just renewed in Aug 2017 & nothing mentioned about this law then.
      My offense was in CA in 1989 – lewd conduct & was basically railroaded into plea bargain to 6 months county time & served 2 months & 3 years probation & register for 10 years & be done. But 8 years later law changes to lifetime registery & haunted me ever since. This latest BS being the topper.
      Sorry for the novel but I just needed to vent this. Thanks for listening/reading.

    14. I am an RSO my offense was possession of a sexual performance by child under the age of 16 basically it was 12 pictures on my computer I sold the computer to a computer store and cleaning the hard drive they found these 12 pictures they threatened to prosecute my son for the crime I made a plea agreement I did two years in prison one your parole and have registered for the last 10 years with no other contact with law-enforcement I’m in my 10th year and I think I should be released from the list I am planning to travel to Italy in February am I going to be permitted to enter Italy? And how can I find out for sure I certainly don’t want to spend all my time jammed up at the airport

    15. Tracy Wetterhahn

      If passport was issued Sept 2017 how do I know if it was revoked. I’m traveling in 5 days and never heard about this and now worried I’ll be denied at airport.

      1. I just got my new passport and it doesnt have a mark on the front page or a notation on page 27. Its BRAND NEW. Not sure why.

    16. I’m not even on meganslaw or any website I live in California. My case is so complex, my lawyer exhausted the case and I only did 19months with 3yrs parole. My static 99 score is a 1 because I’m not a repeat offender or even a threat to society. I live a great live in a gated community with HOA. I’m considered a NO POST because my crime wasn’t meganslaw eligible. I want to grab a passport just to see of it says this RSO text on it. I highly doubt it will. Anyway If it doesn’t I’m going everywhere I dont give a fuck. I’m not a rapist or child molester anyway…

    17. Where are sexual offenders allowed to travel too? My husband is a registered offender for something he did when he was a kid with a kid but got convicted even tho the other party dropped the charges but the state didn’t he served his time and its been 25 yrs since and now we can’t even go on cruises anymore! We were kicked out of Mexico in November 2018 cause we had no ideal of this new law that we couldn’t go. There is nothing that states where we are allowed to travel internationally. Can someone please let me know? Thank you

    18. When I was in high school, and the age of 18, I was in a consensual relationship with a 14 year old that went to the same school. I am now 32 and a registered sex offender for the rest of my life. Every other year my family visits Mexico, and I always joined them. A few years ago I flew to Mexico like I have so many times before as a sex offender. The Mexican Authorities ripped me away from my own children and would not allow me to leave the airport. I was forced to get on the first plane that flew back to the United States (without my children!!!), which left me 900 miles away from where I live. Thankfully I had family members with me. I was treated like a diseased animal, watched at the airport by Mexican boarder patrol with guns until they shoved me on a plane back. It was beyond humiliating. Currently I own 3 companies, and would love to travel to other counties. However, I am too terrified to, as I do not have any idea what to expect. My passport expires in under a year and really am not looking forward to this badge of shame I am forced to wear my entire life because of a consensual relationship I had in high school.

    19. This is just absurd! The imbecile who killed Megan Kanka was a registered sex offender turned murderer. Based off of this fact alone, we can conclude that the sex offender registry is completely irrelevant and serves no purpose other than to humiliate and ruin the lives of offenders who are genuinely rehabilitated. Furthermore, Megan Kanka was killed; so if sex offenders are being branded, why not murderers also? The targeting of sex offenders violates ones constitutional rights. An individual should be able to live a normal life after completing the time they served. It’s time for RSO’s to rally together to win back some rights.

      I am a non-hands-on offender. If I was blind, I wouldn’t have been convicted. That’s what I was told. Anyways, i married my wife overseas about 6 months before this law came out. She is now pregnant with our first child. Now, I can’t even go see her because of this crazy/idiotic branding law the government has passed. This is why good people go nuts and commit something unimaginable. I guess Congress is just not smart enough to see that. So….the crazy continues.

    20. I was convicted for the kidnapping and molestation of a 5 year old girl, but I was not the person who committed this felony on October 9,1983 in Manhattan Beach. I currently have to register every month now since I am homeless because my house was illegally taken from me, that I owned with no debt against it, and sold by David Joel Pasternak who did not give me any of the money from it’s sale in June 2012, to Wendy Ramirez, Los Angeles police for 290,000 dollars? It’s currently valued at 470,000 dollars that rightfully belongs to me because it was taken from me with fraudulent abuse of the rule of LAW and obstruction of Justice, without being held accountable for his illegal fraudulent actions. And I have to live every day now with no home anymore and with no way to change the mistakes that other people have caused to force this on my life. GOD.

    21. I was arrested of a child pornography charge in 2004 and convicted in 2005. I have served my probation and have also been removed from Megan’s Law/Adam Walsh Act as I have completed that time also. I have had no contact with law enforcement since, I am no longer under any law supervision, and I am no longer on any state or federal registration.

      I have never had a passport before, and have never traveled internationally. In June of 2019 I am getting married, and I am having difficulty trying to find a place to go for our honeymoon. I did not think this would be an issue since I am no longer required to register, but I cannot afford to go someplace only to be turned away and forced to return to the united states, and be out the money for the trip. This is likely the only trip we will ever get to take like this.

      We had chosen Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic before finding out they have turned away sex offenders. Being that I am not on a list, and do not have a passport (so I assume I will not have this “stamp” since I will be applying for one after my registration is done), Am I correct in assuming I will not receive this sex offender stamp? Would I be allowed entry into the Dominican Republic?

      This has ruined our dreams of a honeymoon on a tropical island and thrown everything into turmoil. I have no answers and am not sure where to get them.

      1. You should call a federal lawyer regarding this issue because if you fly out of the country unauthorized it’s a federal charge and then you will be forced to do state time because you scraws to state lines without permission if you are on any kind of legal paperwork. If you are off of Megan’s law and you don’t have to register anymore then more than likely you won’t have to check in with the police station to make arrangements to go out of the country because when you tell them the date you’re leaving they forward it to the US Marshal’s office.

        1. I am off Megan’s Law/Adam Walsh Act, I have received paperwork from my state that confirms this (sometime midway through 2018, although I was ‘unofficially’ removed closer to the beginning of the year. I disappeared off the website in February, but didn’t receive my paperwork confirming it until closer to July). I was done with my probationary requirements in 2015. I owe no fines, court costs, or any other financial obligation. As of right now I am under no supervision of any type; no probation, no megan’s law, no registration of any kind.

            1. You think I can use your resources ?! I have to register but I’m not on meganslaw. My name isn’t on anything on the internet!!

            2. I would gladly, but I didn’t have to have any resources. I was originally sentenced to 10 years megan’s law when I was convicted in 2005, so I should have been off in 2015. I got swept up in the Adam Walsh Act which bumped me to lifetime, then moved down to 25 year registration.

              sometime in I think 2017, a guy with the last name Muniz appealed the retroactive changing of the rules to the supreme court of PA, and won. So all those who were retroactively raised off of their original registration were moved back down to what they were sentenced to.

              So long story short I was put back down to my original sentence, which would have concluded in 2015. It took them until 2018 to reach me in the “stack” they had to process, and I was removed. I didn’t have to do anything, talk to anyone, or file any motions or see any attorneys. I was just simply removed.

    22. I am a convicted RSO. I lost a newborn to premature lungs, he died in my hands at the hospital. I started using meth, heroin, and drinking heavily. While under these influinces i sexually assaulted a 4 year old and a 6 year old. They said i touched their privates. I was charged and found guilty of 2 counts of 3rd degree sexual assault. I was given a 10 to 15 year consecutive sentence. Since i was incarcerated, i have completed 2 residential sex offender treatment programs. Both were extensive and lasted about 2 years each. Now i am out at a halfway house, in Wy. I am married and have been for almost 3 years now. Her family know wht i did. I am not the person i used to be. Now im out of prison trying to do everything by the book. I even get paranoid and stress all the time if i think someone or something is going to get me in trouble for any reason. I was working for a landscaping company, i was up front about my crime with the boss in my interview. He told me if any one gives me any problems to let him know and he’ll put them on their asses. However i worked for him 1 day. And he told me he has to let me go because he has multi million dollar contractors he deals with and he doesnt want a registered sex offender on his companys name. So i was let go. I have a wife and son and grand kids now and i am trying to take care of my family. I have an outstanding resume for employment, and i get called for job interviews, and they are all for hiring me but as soon as they find out im a sex offender they refuse to hire me. I was convicted in 2005 for my crime. I found out from my parole officer that in 2007 they changed my charge to 2nd degree sexual abuse of a minor. And i have to register for life now. They never told me they changed my charges, i never went back to court. And the 2nd degree sexual abuse of a minor has a lesser prison sentence, but yet i did the time for a 3rd degree. A guy here just recently kidnapped a woman beat her with his gun and raped her and he got an 8 yr. sentence. And another 18 year old got a 16 yr. old drunk and raped her and he got put in bootcamp for 6 to 9 months and no treatment was aquired in there. Now hes out walking a free man. I was 20 when i committed my crime. I am trying to do the best i can and it seems like its never good enough. I have a family to provide for and i cant get a job. Wy. Is an oilfield, and coalmining state. And the price of housing is based on oilfield wages. I currently have 3 jobs. And my wife does also. Why is it a sex offender cant work an oilfield job, out in the middle of no where, but i can work fast food and retail where minors are at all of the time. I cant live within 1,000 ft. Of a school but i can work next door to one, even on the grounds of a daycare, as long as im not loitering around or on a break. This is a bit a** backwards if you ask me. Why do sex offenders have to get punished for what someone else did. Last i knew, mass punishment was against the law. And its against the law to punish someone for what someone else did. They way i see it, we do need to fight for our rights. HOWEVER, the government is trying to slowly, enforce registration on everyone. Colorado passed a law last year making people charged with domestic violence register because a guy assaulted his girlfriend/wife, and he was put in jail, got out on bail, and murdered her as well as her mom. People in Colorado charged with domestic violence, once arrested are not allowed to make bail either. All because of one man. So now we can no longer say anything about being singled out. I know i don’t have rights anymore as a sex offender. I still get treated like sh*t, even though i payed my debt to society. Im still a target. I pass my polygraphs, i pass my u.a’s, i do everything right, and i still get sh*t on by the community. And my p.o. tells me i can’t move away unless im in good standing. What more do they want. I cant even find a place to live cause the town i live in has like 15 schools in it with a population of about 50,000. Thats not including daycares and academys. No one wants to rent to a sex offender, we have to fill out apps for housing here and being a sex offender is one of the questions on them. Florida s.o.’s cant have a p.o.box and in Texas they cant live in the neighborhoods. This is how society was and now is. First they used to discriminate against blacks, then gays. Now it sex offenders. And loke i said i had done 4 years of residential s.o.t.p. in prison, now out on parole, i have to continue treatment and polygraphs, and pay for it, until im off paper. How come the guys that were in prison on other charges dont have to continue any of this. Oooh, i.o.p. for 6 to 9 months. They should get in trouble for hanging out with other users, dealers, etc. How come they dont get polygraphed and threatened to get revoked if they fail their first u.a. Sex offenders have the lowest recidivism rate of all crimes. Hmmm, imagine that. But society comes down on us the hardest, and they wonder why we want to move to another country.

    23. Hi J and others, International Megan’s law is run by the angel watch center which is run by dhs and the US marshals. When you travel internationally and your name is on a flight manifest it gets flagged by the angel watch center as a registered sex offender. They then determine if your conviction was child related, if it is they revoke your passport after the trip is over to add identifier, and notify the country your going to before you leave. Many countries will send you right back to USA. Good luck to everyone. This is just my opinion from research I have done and should be treated as such. Do your own research and make your own final determinations as many people have many different opinions about these types of matters.

      1. Thank you for your reply. The difficult part with my situation is that I am trying to find out what happens for someone who is done with all of their registration and requirements, and there seems to be precious little info.

        I am no longer on probation or parole, I am no longer required to register, my registration has been removed from the PA Megan’s Law website, and I do not show up on the Angel Watch/FBI list either when you search my name. I have never had a passport to revoke. Technically my offense was with a minor, however at the time of my registration it was not required for that to be identified so that is not “flagged”.

        It’s sort of moot because we decided to error on the side of caution and booked a trip within the continental United States. But I would love to know for future reference if we could go to places like the Dominican Republic so we knew for next time.

    24. Hey J, if you guys want info on a specific situation go straight to the people that enforce the law, in this case it would be the US marshals or dhs. US marshals would be more appropriate as they decide who it applies to. Google Search international Megan’s law US marshals and you will find a page with a phone number that you can get answers to specific questions. And LOUIS, I feel you bro, the only problem is these laws carry huge consequences, if we don’t play there game the way they say we get locked up. It’s all bs but we have no choice really. Basically what I think may eventually happen is that they’re going to break people down into such desperation that these people will feel like there is no hope, no reason to rehabilitate, that they will lose it and commit new crimes. I can handle myself because I’m strong minded, but I could see it happening to many others. I’m off everything now like j, but still always on my feet trying to comply if something comes up. Keep getting punished for the same sting operation crime from 20 years ago over and over again. Welcome to the USA

      1. Quick story. I called the Jamaican consulate right!? I was like yo, “can I come to your country? I’m a sex offender from California USA!” She said “yes you’re more than welcome to come here”. “We have sex offenders here too, who cares about that”. HER WORDS!!!

    25. Wait J, where are you going in the US btw. What states? Sometimes with continental us travel you should be even more worried.

      1. Nah bro I’m in Texas right now. I’m live in California! I dont have to check in with ANY law enforcement agencies EVER in the US even HAWAII!!! International Megan’s law only applies to people going out of the US that is not the United STATES.

    26. As far as Jamaica is concerned there are many stories of RSO’s getting turned back home on the next plane back. The problem is the US sends a notice to the other country saying you pose a high risk of reoffense, not 100% sure but i think it’s worded in a way that the US prefers they send you back. . The people at the consulate don’t even know sometimes, but once you land they’ll be waiting there for you. Sucks right?

      1. Ion know man I’m not even on Megan’s law and never been on any website or bulletin board about me. my static 99 score was like 2 or 3% risk level. Maybe you gotta send your paperwork out to the marshalls so they know what it is for sure.

    27. J, I’m really sorry man, I never usually comment on these things and I’m not a holy roller but I think God sent me here for this moment. I really hate to be the bearer of bad news, but based on my knowledge I would stay as far away from Florida as possible. The way registration works is each state has their own laws. Sorna is a guideline for the individual states to follow if they choose. When a person who has been convicted of a sex crime travels, works, or attends school in a different state, they must follow the laws of that state. So in PA there was the Muniz decision which ended your PA Registration. OK, so in PA your good, but if you go to another state, you have to follow their registration law. In Florida, if you have ever been convicted of a sex crime, you must register within 48 hours of your visit. Regardless if you have any obligation to register elsewhere. And in Florida, every offender is published on the internet! Here’s the catch if your only there for 3 days THEY KEEP YOU ON THE SEX OFFENDER REGISTRY FOR LIFE! Even when your back in pa. YOU still won’t have to register, but you’ll still be listed in Florida and national site FOREVER!

    28. Louis, travel in the continental US is governed by regular Megan’s Law, Not international Megan’s law. And each state has their own version with their own rules. Most of these laws are triggered by a mere conviction anywhere in the US or the rest of the world. And nobody cares about the static 99, it’s all bs bro, they don’t care about risk. what risk are you in Florida after you leave? Why do they keep your name listed after you move out?

    29. Yea, not really sure of your specific situation and what it requires but I guess Im just at a different stage in my life, I got a wife, kids etc….what happens to me really affects them so I dont take any risk at all. I hope the politicians feel good grouping everyone together and publicly shaming our kids and families. Maybe the supporters of these laws should think that they may one day be living in the glass house? It doesn’t take much. But anyway, I wish you a lot of luck with your case bro.

      1. I’ve been off paperwork since 2014. The police station I register says I dont have to check in, in any state in USA. as long as I’m not there for more than 30 days!! Then, obviously after 30 days I have to check in with whatever county or city registration Because after 30 days you are considered a active citizen of that county or cities.

    30. If your interested in getting confirmation on what I’ve said you can call the Florida Department of Law Enforcement RSO Unit. The number is right on their website. If you call just update me with what they tell you if you don’t mind.

    31. my problem is very different. I headed to mexico without receiving a letter. I was returned home straight away. since returning home, I have been unable to find anyone in our government that had any idea what I was talking about. not the state dept, ICE, or homeland. so they pass a law to get a marking but don’t tell anyone where to get the marking????

      I don’t mind getting the marking, Mexico said it was not their idea, they welcomed me, but that my own government did not want me there.

      So where do I get the markings for my passport???

      1. Yea Rick; your situation similar to mine.
        You can read my original comment from Oct 2017.
        I have since lost my job due to this and have just learned CA has changed RSO requirements back to what my original requirement of 10 years was.
        What a crock our government is & the worst system (democratic or otherwise) in the world.

      2. Row if you have a passport that’s brand new and it doesn’t have that marking on it I wouldn’t even tell anybody I would just go or ever I wanted to go because as long as you tell the US government and that you’re going out of the country you can’t go out of the country.

    32. Yea Rick;
      That was similar to what happened to me too. No letter received. Except I was traveling out to Kuwait and got removed from plane in Atlanta just to be told my passport was invalid & no explanation why. I have worked overseas for more than 10 years without issue & the local authorities where I’m regustered at knew about it the whole time & worked with me if I was to be late for registering if out of the country. All good I thought. Any I called everyone in state Dept for 2 days before I went online & figured it out myself.
      Have lost my job due to this.
      You can read my original message here from here October 2017. It’s more detailed.
      Our Government is the worst democratic or otherwise system in the world.

    33. Once you attempt an international trip, the US notifies the other country your a danger and advises them to send you back. A few months after this attempt you will receive a revocation letter for your passport advising you to send it back and you will have to apply for a new one which will have the marking and be valid for only 1 year at a time. Marking or not Mexico will never let you in again.

    34. BTW…. US Marshall’s Angel watch center would be the ones that contact the state department to revoke your passport. So any questions should probably be directed to them.

    35. The US sends notice to Mexico whether you have a marking or not, so chances are Mexico won’t let you enter regardless. Your on their list of people to turn away. And within a few months you will receive a revocation letter asking for your passport back, and if you want another you will have to re-apply for a new marked passport that’s valid for only 1 year.

      1. So my previous passport expired in 2017. I submitted paperwork for a new passport and received it in Oct 2018. The new one expires Oct 2028. Under endorsements it says SEE PAGE 27 and so I flip to page 27 and it is blank. I have been on the registry since receiving probation in 1995 which I completed in 2000. I will be on the registry until either the day I die or changes get made. What I want to know is this: does anyone actually have a passport with a visable marking on it?

        I am traveling this summer with my youngest son and his team and the countries we are going to all have said I will not have any issues. Once you get into the Schengen Area its no different than traveling between NYC to Chicago to Boston. I would like to think that I have utilized all of the online resources available to me to determine where I can and cannot go. I have reached out to the various consulates as well as the initial airport that I will be entering the EU in. I plan on taking all of those emails and messages with me just in case. I will also be giving my notification well in advance of the 21 days just so that if there are issues they could be resolved. My fingers are crossed.

        1. Bruce;
          This new law was passed in 2016, but the passport revocation process didn’t start until 2018. But as far as I can tell by my experience & info I researched, the State Dept will revoke a passport 1st & the passport owner reapplies for the new with endorsement. As per State Dept website the passport owner will receive letter informing of revocation and why. That letter is sent the very same month that passport is revoked.
          I never received the letter as it was originally sent to old address in another state that I haven’t lived at in 10 years. It took many phone calls & emails to figure this out. The US State Dept is very vague & seem unsure of many situations regarding this in my experience.
          You can read my comments on my experience with this in Oct 2018.

          Hope this helps.

          1. I would like to think that a new application for a passport in late 2018 would be processed in such a way that it would not need to be revoked. I have seen one example of a P27 note that uses the word CONVICTED, which does not apply to me as I was given deferred adjudication, so while I appear on the registry I do not have a conviction. I am trying to set up an appointment with my local US Marshals office to get clarification. Twice I have called but no one answers the transfer.

            1. You may very well be right. Because I had just renewed my passport 5 months early in Aug 2017 due to its condition. It was due to expire in Jan 2018.
              My new passport had no endorsement & no mentioned about the new law or anything. Then new passport was revoked July 2018, I found out in Oct 2018 in Atlanta when traveling back to Kuwait. Removed from plane passport taken & no explanation except my passport is invalid.
              Applied & received another new passport in Oct 2018 & has endorsement. 10 year validity.

            2. This is all very confusing. I applied for my passport in September 2018 and received it in Oct 2018 with NO marks and NO designations on P 27.

    36. From what I’ve been reading on others travel experience, most European countries are not an issue. (besides England and Ireland which will send you back as soon as you land ). As far as the revoked passport is concerned, it’s usually not triggered until your name is on an international flight manifest, and you are on a sex offender registry for a crime against a child. I have never heard of anyone getting it done without first going through the revocation due to international travel.

    37. Hey Bruce, you can Google us marshals international Megan’s law and you should find a page with phone numbers under FAQs, that should lead directly to us Marshal angel watch center. Local Marshals may not be as informative. And convicted under that section of law includes adjudicated delinquent, not guilty by reason of insanity etc. Good luck

      1. I just spoke to a US Marshall in Dallas and he had never heard of Operation Angel Watch. He was also VERY surprised to hear about designations on passports. I am now emailing ICE to see what they have to say.

    38. I think all RSO should get together and do a lottery among themselves. To help each other get this money and move to a country that don’t care about your background and start a business that help RSO around the world. Think about how many people are on the registery in the US. You have to start sticking together and investing in one another. Do some type of go fund me page for just RSO. You can put all your money together, you can buy your way to freedom. Also any RSO that has a business or businesses should reach out to other SRO and help them find a job or invest in a business. Also do like some type of million man march shit in DC with nothing but RSO and there families to be seen a heard.

    39. I am the mother of a child who was sexually abused for six months at age 11. Her teenaged molester was found “delinquent” but did not receive any punishment whatsoever. Instead, he got rehabilitation therapy. He is enjoying his social life as a football and baseball player, is in student council at school, and was confirmed by his church last year. His mom bought him a car when he turned 16, and he has been dating recently. My daughter has PTSD and our lives as we knew them are over. The only way the perpetrator could have hurt is worse would be to have murdered her. If his passport could designate that he is a sexual offender or predator, it would bring the tiniest bit of comfort to me. It is hard to feel sorry for the “poor” sexual offenders who think that two years in prison makes up for ruining someone’s life. Please try to have some perspective! You’re labeled a sex offender because you committed a sexual offense. You are not a victim! It’s never over. It will never be okay!

    40. I just received the revoke letter is anyway I can get back my passport? I want to know if I can ask them to get off the list of register for sex offender..and how can I ask them to take of my name on the list? Anyone can help… I really hate this when I got big mistake…and now my life is like living in hell…they should not so strict …for most people need to get a chance when first time did mistake…please help and we need to vote for that…

      1. Ryan,
        Just apply for another passport as if you were getting one for the 1st time. Pay all the normal fees again. It will have the endorsement put in it automatically by the State Dept.
        Yes it sucks and is unconstitutional.

        1. When my passport expired in 2017 I did not renew until last year and when I did get it it did not have any endorsement. This has me nervous.

          1. Mine was to expire in Jan 2018, but I renewed it early in Aug 2017 because of its condition. I traveled overseas for work for the last 10+ years. On a 28 x 28 or 35 x 35 on and off schedule. So my passport was in bad shape.
            My renewed one didn’t have endorsement either but 10 months later (July-2018)revoked while I was overseas. I knew nothing until October 2018 when I was removed from plane in Atlanta when on a normal return trip to Kuwait which I had been doing for past 6 years.
            I did not receive any revocation letter prior either.

            1. For now, since I just received my new one in Oct 2018 and have not received a revolution letter, that it is usable.

    41. Anybody know what takes so long on these marked passports? I got a revocation letter In January 2019 and applied for a new one on Jan 31st 2019. Still don’t have the passport and online just says it’s being processed. How long are these marked passports taking to get? I thought it was 4-6 weeks, but it’s already been 7 weeks and still shows being processed.

      1. More likely, it’s just taking awhile… this is a busy time of year for passports, and processing times can be longer, sometimes up to 8 weeks.

    42. It has to be against the constitution. But unfortunately there are not too many people in our corner. I have a passport but assume it’s no good. I will check on that. But I think public shaming is what it relates to. We use our passports as alternative ID. So it’s like telling the lady at the bank your a sex offender when you cash your check. Or telling the clerk at Walmart when you send money or telling anyone who requests ID for a credit card purchase. Some states put it on your drivers license which is the worst public shaming. Most offenders, (Its like 95%) offend with someone they know. Offenders who repeat an offense often offend with someone who knew they were an offender. Having to have to basically tell everyone you come into contact with that you are a sex offender is public shaming. It is against the 8th amendment but getting someone in our corner who would be good at litigation or care is another story. I feel that life registration for everyone is the problem. Most states will never expunge the record of a sex offender. My sentence has been enhanced several times since 1992. Every new law takes away more Liberty.

    43. scurge of society

      If you received a passport with no mark use it quick. i returned from eastern Europe with a passport i got in December 2018 with no mark and in the mail 3 days after i returned i received a certified letter telling me my passport was cancelled and that i had to get another one with the mark on it even though on my final paperwork the judge declared that there were no victims under the age of 18. they give you the first one to make money and make you get the second for more money. It is what this whole country has become about “Money” . Side note,no one bothered me in any country i visited until i returned to New York and my own country pulled me aside and gave me a hard time before allowing me to get my flight home
      No other country really cares about the registry besides the United States(that’s why i try and get away as often as i can). The problem is they put pressure on other countries to deny us even though they clearly do not want us here

      1. Well here is my situation. I received a brand new passport in October 2018 with no markings or page 27 notation. I am traveling with my sons soccer team in July to Spain and Sweden traveling through Amsterdam each way. I decided a few weeks ago to book a trip to Amsterdam for a few days to “test” my passport and the process. I notified my local police as instructed and they helped me with the paperwork to the US Marshalls. That was three weeks ago and I have not heard anything back in a negative way, so I am set to leave May 6-10. The big trip is first week of July, so in the event that they cancel my passport and make me get a new one, which would suck because why didnt they just get it right the first time, I will have about 6-7 weeks to get the new one. So I guess I will have everything filled out and ready to send to an expediting service which can get it back to me in two weeks. Hey its only money right?

        1. scurge of society

          Bruce, like me they wont bother you until you come back hopefully. You may get a visit from Interpol in Europe making sure you are staying where you said you etc… but only the american government bothers you with this nonsense. i had a police officer in hungry that came to check on me tell me that my government was crazy(he also said they are the ones who informed Interpol to check on me) If you make it back to customs they will pull you aside and hassle you for about 20 to 30 minutes before allowing you to proceed to your destination. a few days after you get back you will get a certified letter saying you have to change your passport

    44. I want to vacation in Guam. I’m a RSO in New Jersey and I don’t know where to start to get the permission to go my parole and doesn’t know his elbow from his a$$hole and never has the correct information anything that you can do to point me in the right keep will be greatly improved.

    45. Hi all,

      I just received passport with no markings.

      I have a trip planned for Aruba in July.

      Should I use passport I just received with no markings or should I try to get the passport with markings before my trip in July?

      Do they only revoke passport with no markings after you’ve used it?

      My concern is what if my passport with no markings gets revoked right before my trip in July and I don’t have enough time to get renewed passport with markings before my trip.

      1. scurge of society

        Use it!!!!(I Did)they will not revoke it until you come back. they do not know you have it until you use it. the government is too big. once you arrive in Aruba they will have the local police check on you so be aware of that. and when you re-enter customs will hold you for a while before releasing you. 3 or 4 days after that you will get a certified letter stating you have to return it and get one with the mark(same thing happened to me)
        if you got the passport being honest and they they gave it to you without the mark, use it. it will be the last time you are able to travel without being harassed

      2. I faced the exact same thing. I went to my local passport office and asked them. My passport was brand new. They decided that I needed to apply for a new passport and write a note stating my situation. I will have it tomorrow. My trip is May 6.
        The key is that when applying, a RSO MUST include a note that they are on registry. There is no button to click or question to answer it is entirely up to the individual.
        So my new passport will have the notation on p27-28 but that’s it.

      3. Dont tell your local police you’re going cause they’ll tell the US Marshall’s and you’ll be turned back around at customs!!!

        1. scurge of society

          Please do not listen to Louis Ortiz, as an RSO you have to report any travel to the local police or face a felony when you return

            1. scurge of society

              i left for 2 weeks in eastern europe on march 13 had a great time was turned away by no one until i returned and faced my own government in New York at customs. i informed the police like we are supposed to before i left and had no trouble visiting any country i was in.
              I also had a passport without the markings on it and only when i returned was i told that i had to get a new one. So not everyone gets turned away if they follow the rules

            2. Does your RSO involve a minor? If it doesn’t, that’s why you CAN leave the way you do.

            3. scurge of society

              Weather it involves a minor or not we all have to follow the same rules when traveling. We have to report to the local police what dates we are going, where we are going, and where we are staying(hotel etc…) so to say someone will get turned back automatically because they report to the local police is just false information. Telling them not to report is telling them to commit a felony under RSO guidelines. In our situation it is a crap shoot some will not be bothered some will be turned back. Do your homework and see if the country your going to has a history of rejecting RSO’s like Canada or Australia etc… and if they do be prepared not to be able to enter that country

            4. You’re safer here in the US than being detained in any other country. I don’t really care about going anywhere though lol I’ll just go to Hawaii…since it’s a “state”.

            5. scurge of society

              Actually Hawaii is trying to pass right now one of the strictest RSO living guidelines of any state. because the islands are so small they are trying to pass it so you cannot be within 2500 feet of a school/church etc… so unless your a grandfathered in citizen of Hawaii it will soon be impossible to vacation or visit Hawaii if your an RSO(if the bill passes)

    46. shelby robertson

      The Laws need to be carefully looked at, and amended for sex offenders, which happen to be HUMAN, and don’t deserve a lifetime of beatings, disgrace, and prejudice. How about implementing a HATE crime act for Sex offenders? We’re worthless according to everyone
      who walk around with self righteous attitudes, But their closets are full of perversions themselves! This is supposed to be America, the dream country for many seeking sanctuary. My final thought is this. I live in New York State, and applied for relief with a certificate, and though I’m a level 1 offender, originally was sentenced 6 months serving 16 weekends, and 10 years probation, and 10 years registry, then they changed it to 20 fucking years, and after 15 so far no chance for relief! because the Laws in this country are fucked up. I no longer feel like a human thank you America for taking Our freedoms away. the only criminals with no HOPE. I am very upset with the laws being manipulated.
      The fucking democrats are destroying this country, and doing their best to turn the USA into a Socialist Govt.
      Forgive me, but I’m very emotional about the chains I have to wear till my last Breath.
      P.S. I have children living in Canada, and can’t cross the border to see them I know there are many of you out there who have far worse problems…. we need to form a coalition, and use our GOD given rights to do like the Million Man March thing…Expose the unjust, and unfair laws which has left many sex offenders Scarred, and deeply wounded for Life! perhaps we should “SUE THE GOVERNMENT” to get our rights back. May of us are suffering unjustly. Is that not a valid reason to sue, or start a Million Man March.? I work with a few recovery groups, and they all talk about their drinking problems, drug problems, and other issues, but never talk about sex crimes. Way Too Much Shame: Sounds like a good acronym for our Million Man march. (WTMS)

      1. All I see on here is people crying about this shit. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT THEN! instead of saying ohhhhh we should do this and that….DO SOMETHING

    47. shelby robertson

      Let’s get serious and go get our rights restored you all have my email…… shit or get off the pot!

    48. Richard Alexander

      If I am removers from the Georgia Sex offender Registry because I’m a level 1 and no other restrictions will I still have issues with passport. No probation and removed from registry ???? Not sure !! Can some
      One help

    49. Hey come to Australia they do the same stuff here.

      We had a case here where a serving Police Officer was charged with Possessing Child Abuse Images,you would say that disgusting if it wasn’t for the fact that at the time he worked in a computer section that worked on child abuse case and material.

      He never had any material at his home, on his personal devices or nor did it ever leave the Police station.

      His own colleagues agreed that he was authorized to access the material in question.

      The basis of the case was he viewed material outside of working hours even though the Police Force he worked for agreed that as a Police Officer you are on the job 24/7 no matter what

      To top it of the Judge said that because he literally viewed the material with his eyes, it constituted now being in his possession of Child Abuse Material.

      Without ranting further – This person will be unable to travel and will be registered as a sex offender for 15 years.

      Obviously I dont support sexual offending against Children or in general but how crazy must laws become before somebody actually grows a brain.

      Search the story online – its a good read

    50. Just recently learned about this stamp. Traveling to Jamaica in 16 days on a older passport. Never got a letter. Called DHS, Airport Authority, TSA, and the local passport office and nobody has been able to tell me what the status of my passport is. They all have been saying that it should be valid as I never got a letter. Kansas Bureau of Investigations stated that the State Department was suppose to issue the letters but it sounds like it was too much work to figure out which offenders had valid passports and they are picking us off as we travel. Will report back if I have issues traveling as I don’t have time to apply for an expedited now.

      1. You’re not gonna have a problem getting to Jamaica. it’s when you reach customs is when you have to worry about it!

        1. Guys like I said in my original message, my passport was revoked in July 2018 while I was overseas at work in Kuwait. (Was a renewed passport in August 2017). Never got a letter at that point & knew nothing of the revocation. But after my 35 day hitch for work was done in Kuwait in late Aug of 2018 I flew from Kuwait to Turkey to meet my GF from Ukraine there & got in Turkey without issue. 1 week later we flew to Ukraine, but I couldn’t get in the country as Interpole there could only say my passport is showing lost or stolen. Flew back to Turkey got in again no problem. 4 days later flew back to Kuwait & got in no problem. Sept 16 or so flew back to US & while at customs in Atlanta I asked if there was a problem with my passport since I had the issue in Ukraine, but was told by CBP in Atlanta no issue with passport & entered USA as usual.
          Oct 8th while on my journey back to Kuwait for 35 day hitch I was removed from plane in Atlanta just prior to take off. Was told by Atlanta CBP that my passport was invalid & that’s all they knew, this after about 1/2 hour of phone calls by them. I was instructed to call State Dept the next morning. I won’t even go into detail what a fiasco calling them was. Had to fly from Atlanta to my home not knowing anything. Took 3-4 days to figure out what was wrong after that.
          Long story short each case is obviously different how it is handled.
          As for the letter, yea they mailed me one, to address in another state where I haven’t lived in over 10 years.
          9 months later I’m finally back to work in Kuwait as of last week.
          All of it is Crock of Shit.

      2. You should REALLY find the closest passport office as they CAN expedite it in these situations. I live in Dallas and I saw people getting new passports for travel the next day. If you dont you will have issues.

    51. Yes I had to get new passport with the marking. Lot of other issues with my situation as I have been an Intl Employee for about 12 years traveling everywhere without issue. Local & state authorities where I reside know & understand this & work with me when I can’t be home to register on time.
      I’m low level 1 registrant – railroaded in CA – 30 years ago. Initially 10 years registrant as per the court in 1989, law changed in 1996 to life time registrant. Now CA changing it back in 2021 to 10, 20, & life depending on charge or reoffenses.
      I moved out of CA 12 years ago. That’s what’s screwed up about our judicial system & government.
      And for the record it was A Republican that introduced & pushed this law into effect. Dumb ass Democrat President signed it into law after near unanimous vote. Blame lies within both parties as usual!!!

    52. Charity K Samora

      I was 12 when I met my husband. I had these so-called friends who ran away from home. He gave them a place to stat and they cried rape. Short story, she was told if he plead guilty to being with me they’d drop the charges against him for those girls. He had no choice but to take the plea (more to this story than is relevant to my question(s). This was in 1991. He was released before law changed making everyone register. So he never had to to register. He and I had some issues and I reconnected with one “girls” in 2010 and she admitted she caused him simply because of his skin color. She apologized to me. Even though he and I were having issues I told her she needed to apologize to him, not me. Here we are almost 30 years later and he is my best friend. My question is, since he never had to register, will he be allowed to travel internationally? He does travel to see friends in other states. If we were to move to another state will he have to register?

    53. I am a 36 yr old male from Texas and I was convicted of sexual assault of a minor 13 yrs ago when the female and family convinced me she was 18 going on 19 . The city police saw us together numerous times and told me nothing Eventho the DA was trying to put a case together on her.. We were in a relationship for 8 months when I got arrested because the step father didn’t like the fact tht I was African American so he secretly called the police while I was at his home with her and when I was arrested they found out she was pregnant with my youngest son.. I admitted to being the father of the child cause I still wasn’t certain of her age, so the charges were placed.. I did not go to prison n was put on a 5 year probation and an annual registration.. I only completed 8 months of my probation when it was thrown out but I still have to register.. The thn DA told me that he would help me get it expunged but he was later fired for making racist comments against African Americans. Now I’m a single father of 6 n can’t get a real job to support the kids tht live with me Eventho I am a licensed operator and had 8 yrs as business manager prior to the case.. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I should do??

    54. Well I made it to Jamaica but was refused entry there, they cited their Alien Act Section 6(e),(I). I explained to them that I was 21 at the time and it was consensual intercourse with a 15 year old but that didn’t seem to matter. I was traveling for my 40th birthday. The US says my passport is still good. Fortunately I did take out trip insurance so will make a claim. They put me on the next plane back to the States. After that experience I have decided not to travel internationally again as there is no telling if an individual country will or will not allow you entry. I don’t think even having the “new” passport would have helped in my situation. I would like to thank Swift for this blog and offering to help expedite a new passport if I had wanted to. I’m just disappointed that I did not get to go on the trip I had been planning for 16 months. Going to be embarrassing to explain why I’m back at work Monday.

    55. KeepBeingAGoodPerson

      There is a group called Angel Watch that watches airlines/passports, etc. and know they are activated and send information to US Embassies around the world. You cannot talk to them or contact them, from what I hear. It’s a terrible situation.

    56. I did not do my research before I travelled. I have done some research since being turned away. For Jamaica technically any felon is suppose to inform them of travel to their country by contacting the Jamaican embassy in their home country (I would recommend calling the DC Embassy for US people). I would not say that you will not be allowed into Jamaica until you have attempted to travel by providing them with the requested information. I would HIGHLY recommend that any RSO call the embassy of the country they plan on visiting before they travel and seeing what information that country that needs and see if they approve/disapprove travel prior to your travel date.

    57. Hello. Everyone. This site is a good resource if nothing else….to vent….but also to offer constructive experiences that we have all gone through.

      Just a quick recap of my recent experience. I renewed my passport April of this year before going to Hong Kong, with the sole intent of making sure the unique identifier was on there….but when I received back there was none. You would think with all of these agencies looking over our shoulder every day that one of them would run a background check before sending out.

      I have read on different sites what happens more often than not if the country accepts you…..you will make the trip and upon your return roughly 30-45 days afterwards you will get a letter of revocation saying you need to return the passport immediately….and get a new one with the identifier….hello…..that is what I tried to do in April….

      It seems nothing really gets triggered until you try to fly internationally….you have to give the 21 day notice…which alerts the US Marshalls…which alerts Angel Watch….etc…etc…..I have not heard of anyone getting a letter of revocation if they have not traveled in recent years.

      I did make my trip with no issues….I was flagged upon my return…with no real issues…just inspected my bags….but true to what everyone has said….yesterday…roughly 45 days after my travel…I received an overnight letter (wonder how much that costs US taxpayers)….stating my passport was revoked….and need to turn in and get a new one. Oh by the way….you have to pay in full….that money you spent just this past April means nothing….no reimbursement.

      So there you go…our government at work for “public safety”.

    58. A bit about me. I was convicted as an RSO in 2014 for possession of images of child sexual abuse, have finished the mandated therapy, paid my fines, had to do probation for 5 years, and register for on Megan’s Law for 10 years. This was because my arraignment actually happened in October 2012 before the Adam Welsh Act. Anyways, I now have less than 5 years of registration left. As I’m tier 1 in the state I live, I register once per year.

      I had pretty much resigned myself to not traveling at all since it seemed so impossible. But now, the countries I would want to live in or at least travel to, the Netherlands, I see that they do accept RSOs. I’m looking to become a data scientist and hoping this will broaden my horizons, figuratively and literally. Ideally, I’d like to get 2 to 3 years or so of experience under my belt before looking to move up.. and possibly show that I could be of value to different companies, even those abroad. Would it just be better to work in the States for 5 years, wait until my registration is up, and then consider looking to move?

      I mean.. that does sound like the better option.. but I’m 34 right now. 5 more years, I’m 39. It just feels like I haven’t accomplished anything while my brothers have moved out, both making six figure incomes, and have pretty much little to no debt… While I’m an RSO, living at home with my parents, have a debt of over $150,000 from student loans with a degree in health I can’t use because of my background… I feel like the US is just stifling and want to know if I can get away from here. If I at least know there’s hope at the end of the tunnel of 5 years, I think I’ll have a lot more hope..

    59. Hi I’m also on the sex offenders registry, My charge was for having 2 pictures of child pornography on my computer, I spent 10 months in lock up County jail, five months supervise probation and I am ending my five months of unsupervised probation. This conviction was in Lynchburg Virginia, I now live in North Carolina. The County Police come to my house every month to check on me. I believe that this is unconstitutional and should be stopped. I am going to apply for a passport so my wife and I can visit Germany. And the sheriffs department told me that I have to inform customs when I get to Germany that I am on the sex offenders registry . I believe that that is unfair to me and my wife, I was charge With two counts of child pornography. I don’t know if I can get this expunged or not does anybody have any ideal what I can do about this, thank you for your help.

      1. @Michael Parker

        That’s terrible that the County Police keep doing that when you’re already supposed to be unsupervised. From what I know of in my state, sexual offenses can’t be expunged.. I’ve considered moving to another country to get a clean slate (almost). It is crazy how severely possession of it is so harshly judged when something like murder isn’t.

        Best of luck to you.

      2. Michael:

        The rule is no matter what your offense you have to give 21 day notice to your registration officer before you leave.

        They in turn input your itinerary (flight # and date, hotel/place you will be staying/and your return information) as much as you have at the time to a U.S, Marshall’s site. If you wait until that 21st day before you leave make sure they input it into the system that day. If they wait even a day or two more there is the very real possibility that a U.S. Marshall will be waiting upon your return to question and possibly arrest you since you technically to them did not give 21 day notice. Just a fair warning.

        What happens behind the scene is that the US Marshall then gives that info to Angel Watch who then notify your arriving country that you are coming. That said, I would make sure that any country you travel too is open to registrants. If you are supposed to have the unique identifier on the passport….and you are getting a new one….know that more than likely you will not have the identifier on that passport. The passport is not flagged until you try to travel…..at that time the ICE, Angel Watch, and a bunch of other big letter government groups inform the State Department that your passport is not valid and they in turn will revoke it. You will be informed to return it and apply for a new one with the identifier. It is messed up but that is the way it is…..if it was such a public safety issue don’t you think they would run the background check when you first apply??

        I would recommend calling the Germany consulate for example and ask the question if they allow registrants…..I know of people that have traveled there….You do not have to automatically inform them when you arrive you are on the registry. You may however be questioned about different things…no matter the country….and they may ask you about your offense…the truth is always the rule here. They pretty much already know in general the offense.

        This is a good resource as a reference. It is not a guaranteed information….but you can read about people’s travel experiences…and it has a general matrix of where people have been turned away and accepted in.


        Do your homework….do not take the word of some random sheriff…this type of thing is all federal….and they make up the rules on this. Hope this helps.

    60. So, I agree with some of the comments up here. However, I am in no way siding with sex offenders. Having sex while under 18 with someone else in your same age range, and being violated for that is a little overboard though. That’s the sex “offense” I will comment on. What I’m really perturbed about is that a person can be a felon, convicted of crimes such as molestation of a minor, sexual conduct with a minor, kidnapping a child, engaging in lewd acts in the presence of a minor, and viewing or sharing child pornography, and still get a U.S. passport and travel. Meanwhile, U.S. citizens who owe the government taxes or other forms of debt have their passport stripped away. In my opinion they are not taking away citizenship of course, but they are stripping away rights as a U.S. citizen to bear a U.S. Passport and be free from issues while re-entering OUR OWN country, or traveling to others. This goes to show the priorities of the U.S. government…money. Government: “You owe us money? Ok, we’ll take your passport to strongarm you into paying us back. Mr./Mrs. Sex Offender, although convicted of felonies and violated others, you minimally affect our wallet, so you may keep your passport…be free to roam.” So, when we allow the government to strip what I believe to be a right as a U.S. citizen, by not voting against things like revoking passports from U.S. citizens, we are only allowing them to keep pushing that envelope further and further, little by little, until one day we stand back to look at the big picture and realize, “Holy crap, my constitutional rights are GONE.” By the way, I am NOT anti-government whatsoever, I am anti-stupid decision making, and there is a lot of that going on nowadays.

      1. passports and our rights to travel anywhere should not be revoked as U.S citizens unless we committed a crime against the country we are trying to entering period. That being said you obviously have no idea that the majority of people who are forced to register as sex offenders or have a passport stamped as sex offenders never had any encounter with a person under the age of 18. you can be placed on the registry for sexting no matter your age you can be placed on the registry for indecent exposure(peeing in public when your piss drunk) you can be on it for having sex with a minor even though your a minor(100K + people on the registry are under 18) not everyone is a Jerry Sandusky or Jarrod Foegle the media & government just make you think that we all are

    61. I think it’s wrong to be singled out period I can’t go to Canada so that affects my employment
      I got turned around in the Dominican republic while thinking I was taking my wife on vacation
      As a level 1 SOF and live in Florida it really sucks because my job requires frequent travel and I have to tell them when I’m leaving where I’m going and when I’m back then they come toy home to see if I’m really there
      Never come to Florida I’m moving asap back to whete they only check on you once a year
      Oregon doesn’t even check on you according to my cop I report to

    62. Derrick L. Hawkins

      WHat if your sentence included a 10/yr mandatory registration and yo hav been legally taken off that requirement due to the sentence? would i have to have this notice on my passport?

    63. I just received the ‘letter’ revoking my passport which I proactively renewed in June 2018. I called the passport office, spoke with two different people and neither knew anything about it, so I sent in a renewal application thinking they would look it up and the endorsement would be placed on the passport. No it came back without.

      The’ letter’ says you have to make application for a ‘new’ passport but the form has a couple questions that cannot be answered, such as the status of current or past passport. “Revoked” is not on the list. I went to a local passport acceptance office and they knew nothing and suggested I call the passport office.

      Even if you have or had a passport you have to re-prove your identity.

      It’s going to be a challenge.

      1. Its all about the money they will probably give you another passport without a mark and when you return they will revoke that one too and make you get another. There is also an e-mail where you can send and appeal as i did 8 months ago and i got no response(i sent 4 e-mails to them) Like everyone else they want to make money off anyone who is registered or was once on the registry

    64. Robert:

      Hello. I had to go through the same thing. I had renewed proactively thinking the identifier would be placed on the passport. However, same thing….it came back. with no identifier.

      I traveled overseas and gave my 21 day notice and that is when everything was triggered. Roughly 30 days after my return I received a letter to revoke. I sent in my old passport via FedEX so I could get a signature they received. A couple of weeks later I went to get a new one.

      I checked off the box saying passport was lost….I wanted to put stolen….which it really was by the government…but nonetheless I checked off lost. I explained to passport person that my passport was revoked because it did not have enough information on it and left it at that…..they did not ask anymore questions.

      Three weeks later i received the passport with the identifier.

      You traveled or did something to trigger your passport to let them know it needs the identifier. They are not going through the registry list and matching up with passports and send you a letter. The only examples i have heard is after people travel do they receive notice.

      You do not get any kind of refund for the previous passport. Just bring your normal ID information needed….no need to let them know or put on the application that you are on the registry. Now that you have received the notification your application will be flagged when it is turned in.

      It sucks. I could go on a diatribe about how wrong it all is….we all know that…but wanted to let you know what to expect based on my experience.

    65. , here are my thoughts I guess I’m sorry for all y’all terrible stories I too have a terrible story I I am also RS however my conviction was in the mid-to-late 90s when the real witch hunts were going on and I asked over and over again why are people allowing this how come they don’t understand the unconstitutional value of this the removal of rights that should not be removed the humiliation the degradation the scorn the placing of a Target on your back asking asking that we going notify neighbors of a mile radius that it was on us to knock on doors and have guns pulled on us shot at even killed murdered so I have to say to you those that are crying about it now where were you why didn’t you stand up and do something why didn’t you say no foul this is wrong we can’t do this to people where were you now it’s happening to you and you act surprised as if it’s something you never heard of how could this be How Could my son be convicted of a sex offense how can my child who did nothing more than p in the park be brought up on sex offense crimes How Could my husband who had some dirty pictures on his computer be charged with an RS crime my best friend 12 years after my conviction didn’t even know about my conviction committed suicide because they came to his door and arrested him over Transmissions that we’re going to his computer storing of sex offense material child pronography his 30 year old son had set his computer up so that it had an open port why I don’t know nobody wanted to listen to his excuse nobody wanted to hear it nobody wanted to interview anyone that knew about it I knew about it and so did a couple of our other friends we didn’t know why it caused him to blow his brains out so where were you people and where are your children going to be where are your mother’s and your parents going to be on the issue now that it’s happened to you why should anyone care you didn’t where were you

      1. Charity K Samora

        I don’t know about others, but I was just a kid in the early 90s when my husband was convicted for something he didn’t do and now that I’m old enough to help him I’ve been told going to the police with questions will just make it worse on him. It’s rough not having, to say the least, an outlet or support for those with convictions and their families. I wish y’all the best.

    66. I am registered sex offender…the mother of my son was 16 at the time I was 21 in the worst state in the world to me Louisiana… crazy thing about it is years past by we still together living in texas..but I’m still dealing with this nonsense so hard to get a job and live at certain places…I feel like this sex offender crap is just a system for most people.. alot of people shouldn’t be on this crap…it’s has totally ruin my life…I just pray to God everyday that’s all I can do…

    67. I have seen on all these post about passports and flying, my wife and I want to take a caribbean cruise. I still have no old passport that expires in 8/20. We want to cruise in March. I have not received a letter, and I plan on being proactive and not even bothering trying to get off the ship in a foreign port. Thoughts?

      1. Hello Another:

        More often than not you will not receive any notification if you are supposed to have a unique identifier on your passport until after you attempt to travel or do travel….I say attempt…because I just encourage to do the research as to what countries do not accept registrants….and which do…this also includes cruises. To avoid being turned back.

        When you give your 21 day notice to your registration officer….this is when everything is triggered….they turn in your travel plans to the US Marshall’s office…who in turn let the country you are going to know you are coming and when. Once you return from your trip however that went. If you are to have a unique identifier you will receive a letter in the mail from the State Department within 30-45 days upon your return that your passport is revoked and needs to be turned back to them immediately. You will need to apply for a new one which you can be certain will have the identifier in there.

        So if you know you should have it on there…but have not received word….does not mean they forgot about you…it means they did not even check or worry about you until you traveled. This is only for out of country trips….nothing is triggered if you make normal in the US trips. Because there is no need for passport use of course.

        Hope that helps.

      2. I would not even bother with a cruise. 1) almost all cruise companies EXCLUDE SOs and they check, 2) many of the destinations don’t allow SOs. Might I suggest just going to Europe but not England or Ireland.

      3. Do not give up on cruises each cruise line has their own regulations.(royal Caribbean allowed me to sail on one of their cruises) if you contact the security team before arriving they will take you on a case by case decision. sometimes they have no problems with you sailing sometimes they do . At least this way before you buy the ticket or get there and are turned away you are aware of their policy on your personal situation

    68. Everyone commenting in here needs to join NARSOL. It is a group of Lawyers and volunteers fighting to get these ridiculous laws. They fight for the RSO’s and have lots of information. They need help financially and volunteers to help them in their quests to get these insane laws repealed. go here to join please because people in numbers have results. Get your whole family and friends to join also.

    69. According to my research I have some good news. The stupid identification stamp does not prevent you from traveling to Schengen countries, most European Union countries, as of now. Starting 2021 those countries will require a visa and they will require background such as criminal background information. However, the stupid stamp is not an issue. The issue is the severity of your crime. People who’ ve had long prison sentences for anything may not get a visa. Examples would include murderers or human traffickers. They will not clump all child sex offenders into a same group. Again, they will look at all criminal background and severity of it. Sex offenders will not be biased against like here in the states. I researched this a long time since my husband is currently on probation for one felony count of possession of child porn. I’m from Sweden and we want to travel there summer 2021 when he will no longer be on probation. I wish the US justice system was similar to Europe. Most countries there do not have registry. Once you pay for your crime it’s done. Just like any other crime. Hands off crimes have light sentences focusing on counseling. Anyways, I felt strongly about posting this. There is justice and freedom still out there.

      1. been on the registry since 2014 been all over Europe except Ireland(which is where my family is from so it is sad) and England(neither let you in). no one else cares about the stamp but you might get a visit from Interpol while your there just to check up on you that is courtesy of the American government
        I also just found out from the consulate in Thailand that if you have the stamp no matter your crime they will not allow you to enter
        Whenever in doubt about traveling to a country write the embassy for the right answer they may take a while but they will answer

        see the following “As part of the International Megan’s Law, if the last page/back cover of your passport indicates something like “The bearer was convicted of a sex offense against a minor and is a covered sex offender pursuant to 22 United States Code Section 212 (C) (I).”, then you are not allowed to enter Thailand.”

    70. So i actually received an expungement in my state but because of the way the law is written i still have to register. Does this stamp apply specifically to the registry? As in once an offender completes the registration period the passport stamp can be removed with the next issuance of a passport? Am interested in the European visa requirements starting in 2021. Any links to this information? Any help would be appreciated.

    71. Hi… my boyfriend was falsely accused of soliciting a 15 year old girl… she even admitted that she made the whole thing up. She made advancements to him and when he didn’t reciprocate she claimed he was soliciting. The case isn’t closed yet. He’s being charged with 2 felonies. His lawyer says his best bet is to take a deal which will knock it down to 1 misdemeanor of sexual battery, remove any mention of child or minor from the charge, and require 10 years of registration. His other option is to face 2 felonies, 2 years in prison, and probably have to register forever if he looses… I don’t like the idea of h i’ll m “admitting” to something he didn’t do for a lesser sentence because then he’ll never be able to go back and fight it… I still hold out hope that he could win the case if he fights it, but I’m worried its wishful thinking. I’ve always wanted to travel. Going to as many countries as possible and seeing the world is my dream… but I don’t wanna go without him.

      1. If he is innocent as you say and the girl deny’s it happened i don’t see a problem with taking it to a jury it should be a no brainer. There has to be more there for a lawyer to suggest taking a plea. Maybe he is not telling you the whole truth. Once on the registry it will be a struggle for the both of you even if he gets off in 10 years. You will be banned from a lot fo countries right off the bat and his passport is marked he did do something against a child even if he did not because of the stupid law that says anyone on the registry with a passport has to have the mark

    72. So about the revoking of the passports. It triggers once you leave the US and you receive the letter on your return so what if someone leave the US with no intention of ever returning?

      1. If you have no intention of returning you will need a visa to stay wherever you going to live there any amount of time and when you apply for that visa they will catch it then. If your talking about overstaying like a lot of people do here in America then you only hope you do not get caught because on top of the Overstay violation they will add charges of an RSO not registering his new address and so on which i am sure would result in a lifetime of Jail or close to that. They do not want to see us happy & thriving here or anywhere else

    73. How do I know if the state where i live(texas) has to give 21 day notice for international travel? When I called local PD, they said they don’t know anything about 21 day notice. I heard that some states do not follow SORNA, please correct me if I am wrong. If i need to travel internationally, should I provide notice to local PD? What happens if I need to travel family emergency and do not have enough time to provide them 21 day notice?

      Any help is greatly appreciated.

    74. James Murphy

      I was convicted of Conspiracy to Commit Sexual Internet Corruption of a child. The ‘child’ was a 22 yo woman portraying herself as a 14yo girl. Just the name of the law alone shows, in effect, a plan for someone to do something they would not do without being asked/or asking. The DA said in court it was a victim crime because of her being an adult It was role play. No images were exchange that are illegal. I never left my home, nor did she. No monies were exchanged. It was CHAT only. In effect, it was like talking to the dude at the mall as if he is Santa Claus. Yet, I was given a life sentence to register or go ito prison. Typing words is a felony, not singing a piece of paper every can get me 73 years prison. I have a scarlet letter for life. Please make note I do not refer to myself as a sex offender. I am not a sex offender. was convicted of a crime the nature of which the state Oregon Your are bringing shame on you and your family. I am a disabled American veteran, I will not bring dishonor to me or my family The system is made to perpetuate the system

    75. I am a level 3 sex offender, I committed my crime against an adult 16 years ago and I served a 10 year sentence, I completed the sex offender treatment program during my sentence. @ years ago I met my fiance who lives in indonesia and we wish to marry in her country so I can try to bring her here, does anyone know if these laws will affect me or if I will be denied entry? My victim was 18 at the time and a close friend, I truly regret what I did and I feel that after this long why should I and others like me have to keep paying for this crime.

    76. Oliver Twisted

      I am registered Sex Offender. My Crime? I was charged with Illicit Solicitation of Minor (supposedly a 15 year old boy).
      I had a post on CraigsList, an adult site, and in an adult forum.
      Someone responded to my post, and after we engaged in some conversation, the person identified himself as being 15 years old.
      That person was an undercover Detective, and my mistake was not to believe he was a minor. He gave me enough clues but, I continue to talk to him, and indulge his fantasy.
      Never once I sent a photo of myself, of any sort. Never once I invited him over my place. Actually, I was so suspicious, I declined going to his place, and instead agreed to meet him in a public place, the Walmart parking lot near my home. I never once had any contact with any minor.
      I was arrested at the parking lot, simply for being there, with the intent to meet a minor for sex. I guess they could read my mind. That is the basis of their claim. Because I engaged in some banter, on Craigslist, on an adult forum, and used the term “young” to describe who I was looking for, I feel in what they called the parameters for investigation. Anyone younger than I am is someone “young”.
      They threw the book at me. I didn’t go to prison, because prior to that, I had never had any involvement with the law. Not as much as a parking ticket.
      I have never received a letter from anyone concerning my passport, the revocation, or the confiscation of it but, i would not be surprised if it happens.
      This has been a terrible experience. It has basically killed me. I’d rather be dead. Yet, I know of people who had it much worse. I can consider myself “lucky” some of my Sex Offender Therapy classmates tell me. “You are lucky!”
      Obviously, my “crime” did not involve an actual child, as some of theirs did. So yeah! I guess I am lucky.
      None of the attenuates were, in my view, considered. Not even the fact that child pornography was found in my computer. The fact that I did not send or received any picture of the said ‘minor’. The fact that I insisted in meeting in a public place. The questions I asked the supposed minor, prior to meeting. The fact that I suggested going, too meet him, and to talk. None of it was considered, none.
      It is what it is. That is it. Get used to it. Wear your Scarlet Letter and be content we allow you to continue living. And know that no matter what you do, and how much you do, will never be enough to erase that moment from your life. It is indeed a life sentence. Nothing short of it.
      Forgive me for venting. Some days are harder than others.
      I wish all the best. I really do.

    77. My problem is somewhat more complicated, although so similar to other stories here. I screwed up ages ago and molested my daughter, but was actually convicted of molesting another child which I didn’t do. But my attorney advised that I take the deal and I did 18 months. The strange part is that I told them about my daughter but they declined to prosecute on those charges. 25 years later my wife passes away and I have a stoke, and went into a major depression. I was trying to find a way to be happy and finally hid a camera in the bathroom to get a video of a young lady in the shower. She didn’t know about it, and had no idea, but I was caught by someone else. I admitted to it, did my huge prison sentence (3 strikes, second striker, consecutive terms) and spent my time fixing myself. Now I find myself in love with someone from the Philippines, and I find that I can’t go see her, and may not be able to bring her here for us to get married because the Philippines no longer allows sex offenders to come into the country. The laws in this world have just gone crazy. If I was a murderer I wouldn’t have a problem, nobody would even ask, but be a sex offender and you’re branded for life, your life is basically over.

      1. As a registered sex offender in America you cannot recieve a Visa or sponsor any woman from any country so in order for you two to be together you would need to move to another country. That being said the only asian country for now that still allows sex offenders to enter is Hong Kong and i am sure that will change soon with ptrssure from the American Government. If at all possible for you to meet and be with her even for a little while the best thing to do is plan a small vacation in an area between the two countries and discuss your future in person. If you have a careeryou can do online this makes it easier but having to get a new passport every year s a sex offender makes it difficult. The American government doesnt want us anymore but they also do not want us to leave the country and have a very small shot at happiness either

    78. The US does not block sex offenders from applying for fiancée visas but in some cases, they can deny you because upon that. This does not mean they will, but they can.

      I received this in an email from a service I’m dealing with, and they deal with Visas all day long every day and they stay on top of things.
      Denial of rights is a constitutional issue, and the government would have a major problem if they tried to prevent that from taking place. Now, stopping the process for good valid reasons I can see, for example a sex offender who is trying to get a family here just to have a child available. They’re going to figure that out during the interview process with her, the answers won’t make sense.

      1. I would love to know what conmpany your talking about because i have spoken to several of the top immigration lawyers that have dealt with sex offenders trying to apply for a visa and every one of them was turned down. Even on appeal you will only lose thousands of dollars and she or he will be denied entry. You can apply all day no one can styop you from pplying and of course they want more of your money so they will never tell you the truth but if you can give me one successful example or attorney that has gotten a visa for a spouse of the registry i would be more than shocked.My case was light i had no contact with anyone under 18 i had some video’s of under 18 on my computer that i never viewed and took to have reviewed by the geek squad. instead of removing them they turned me in and i was arrested. i got probation (6 months)because the judge saw ihad never viewed the videos and i have written on my finl court paperwork “no victims under the age of 18” i applied for a visa for my fiancee(German) and was denied even though she said to the interviewer at the embassy that i posed no threat to her. we are 4 years apart in age(i am 50) but non of that matters. i asked my attorney if we should appeal and he said that we could but the chance of changing their minds on appeal is slim to none. If you or anyone else has info otherwise please post it so everyone on the list can see it and maybe have a glimmer of hope

    79. https://www.filipinafianceevisa.com/
      My last email from them changed things a little, but the US cannot deny you, especially using this method. In fact, they don’t even have the chance to deny you, they won’t know until you are already married.

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      10:47 AM (10 hours ago)
      to me

      Hi Jim,

      That is a real problem. The Philippines does check if you are a registered sex offender when trying to enter the county. You will need to meet her in another country. Hong Kong is probably your best choice as it’s normally fairly easy for Filipinos to get visitor visas to go there but not sure if they (The Philippines and/or Hong Kong) are allowing that with Covid-19. You will need to research that.

      The US does not block sex offenders from applying for fiancée visas but in some cases, they can deny you because upon that. This does not mean they will, but they can

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      * Common-law spouses may qualify as spouses for immigration purposes depending on the laws of the country where the common-law marriage occurs.
      * In cases of polygamy, only the first spouse may qualify as a spouse for immigration.

      As I said, the government it treading a very fine line. The people putting these rules out know that they are actually violating the Constitution, but they continue to do so, believing that nobody will bother challenging them because it’s so expense to build a constitutional challenge. By being married in another country, you avoid the US wacky rules, and when you come back what are they going to do? Deny that your marriage is real? Every county in the world (as far as I know) has agreed to the sanctity of marriage, and if the try to do anything after the fact they are going to have some significant problems on their hands, and I know the attorney who will take the case, she’s already taken a number of cases to the Supreme Court for sex offenders. The situation is changing, there are people out there fighting for us, but it’s a long, slow process, and I’m afraid I won’t be around long enough for it to be of any benefit.

      1. I hope you are successful, but i repeat i know personally of hundreds of registered people that tried for a K-1 visa or to bring a “Spouse” into the country and failed. The letter they sent you said a lawyer brought many cases before the supreme court and 2 things about that 1. the supreme court hears very few cases each year and usually only cases they have not heard before so i do not see them listening to several cases of the same subject over and over and 2 it didnt say if she was successful with the cases she brought before the supreme court if she even went at all. I am not trying to be a downer here we already go through enough crap being on the list i am only trying to save us some time & money from scammers which is very hard to come by if your a registered sexd offender and tell you what i know from expierence not from what someone who is getting money from me tells me. No one can stop you from getting married but they can and will stop you frm getting a visa allowing her to come to the United States that i know for a fact. If i am wrong and you have that attorney’s name that was suppisedly successful before the supreme court post her info and we will all give her plenty of buiness(after verifying her story of course)

    80. I just received my 7th, yes you saw that correctly, 7th passport with no identifier even after sending in a letter all 7 times stating I am a registered SO. It seems now the new gimmick is to not mark the passport at all but keep people in an endless loop.

    81. Response: The Department declines to process passport revocations differently when revoked based on discretionary authority versus where revocation is mandatory, and notes the effect of the decision to revoke the passport—making the passport invalid—is the same in both cases. Adopting the commenter’s suggestion that a passport not become invalid after it was revoked would negate the purpose of the revocation action. Moreover, in response to concern that covered sex offenders be afforded an opportunity to apply for and obtain new, compliant passports before their existing passports are revoked, such persons are on notice about the new revocation grounds and may always apply for a new passport with the required endorsement prior to expiration of or revocation of their current one. To the extent the comment addresses the Department’s determination to revoke passports under 22 U.S.C. 212b, such issues are outside the scope of the immediate rule as they are already specified in the current regulations at 22 CFR 51.60(a)(4) and 22 CFR 51.62(a)(1).

      Read. It is required to have them marked.

    82. I have a question. My daughters mother recently married a canadian she met online. She married him right when he got to the U.S. Is there a way i can find out if he is a sex offender? This is a man my daughter just met and he has become an instant step dad to her. I need to find out who this guy is! Im losing my mind. I know its my job to keep my kid safe but what can i do? Will it show on his passport if he is a registered sex offender in canada? I just cannot understand how any man leaves his children behind to marry an online woman in the U.S. unless he is running from something. He told my daughter the creepy comment– ” i like you more than my own kids”.. and that was before he met her! If hes a good man, great! but i cannot stop until i know who he is. Is there a background check i can pay for? Please help me with this!

    83. I am a first time offender registered as a level one offender. I am looking to move out of the country, how can I go about doing so. Any help would be great

    84. Has anyone traveled with their new passport including the identifier? How was your experience and what country? Thank you.

    85. Any one has any experiences with trying to aquire a fiance visa? Anything helps as im trying to get my fiance here…

    86. I wonder if anyone has ever tried to visit the country Georgia? I’ve read an American can stay 365 days, that it’s safe and cheap. I can’t find anything about whether or not they turn sex offenders away. I’ve been to Armenia 2 times with no problems and Georgia is bordering it so I would love to visit if it’s possible.

    87. James Guthrie

      I fall under the post de facto application of the law, my crime was in 1986 convicted 1992 so it goes back 35 years. The registration law did not pass until 1994. I register every 90 days and have done so for 23 years. I just had some good friends who want to go to Cancun for a couple of weeks. I did not know if I could go or not, I never tried to get a passport before and I don’t even know if Mexico would allow me in, I do know Canada will not. But if I dot all of the I’s and cross all of the T’s maybe I can go and hang out in Cancun with some friends. Thank you to the US Supreme Court for making it so easy for me after 35 years of punishment. Because there is nothing Civil about it….

    88. Please do not believe in people telling you you bring a woman here to marry here: sure she MAY get here by grace of GOD yet as a RSO she will get denied by immigration for change of status from fiancee to residence based upon Adam Walsh law. I know first hand it happened when I married my Mexican wife here in USA and was denied by Immigration based upon Adam Walsh law because I was a RSO. Immigration sent me a letter to go to INS and they finger printed me then we received a letter denying her. So she took a whole different route using an abusive, hard life in past and a lawyer service she was finally approved but not because of me being an RSO.
      I did get a passport this year in March 2021 with no marking on page 27 and will be moving to Mexico permanently. I have to report 21 days ahead per law so I am not sure what will take place but I am NOT flying, if need be I will cross on foot or by taxi. The USA will inform Mexico in some fashion or form, as they are the snake that bites. The USA has imprisoned us. I served 20 straight years on a 20 year sentence in Texas, they did evaluation I was listed at low-risk UNTIL newer laws came out and retroactively applied to me. I was arrested in 1990, convicted and sentenced in 1991 day for day and got out (time served). I have been subjected to EVERY CHANGE IN LAW which is a violation of the US Constitution but Supreme Court does not care. People BEWARE, ALL RSO, USA laws do not care and will violate by whatever means to imprison us RSO’s back into confinement. The USA has imprisoned myself (even though free out of prison) and all RSO by keeping us from traveling by using the International Megan Law as their loop hole to keep us imprisoned within the borders of the United States of Communistic America. What is next? Best of all to you all, I am retired because I cannot get a job being RSO (no one will hire a 65 year old ex offender and I am a Vietnam era veteran and collect disability from military but I CANNOT and AM NOT making it financially. I have to try and leave legally to have some kind of life, or do like some end up taking my own, it is not easy. America is no longer free

    89. Anyone knows how do you get a passport with markings? Do you renew your passport with renewal form or apply for a new one as if you never had a passport using the new application form?

    90. I’m curious, how do the customs or US officials know if you have a marked passport or not after the fact you are already outside of USA? Some people say you got the revokation when coming back from your travels? So yeah how do they know if you don’t have one?

      That’s what confuses me.

      1. if your on the registry and you apply for a passport there is no question on the application that asks if you are a registered sex offender or worse. It does ask if you committed an illegal sex act in another country besides yours which unless you did you check “no”. Now the governmental passport agency is supposed to check if your on the registry and if you are they will stamp your passport as such. If they do not and you travel they wont revoke it until you come back and someone from customs usually in NY see’s that it is not marked. They always pull RSO’s aside when you come back from outside the country to hassle you and go through your things. once you return home you will get a letter a couple weeks later telling you that your passport has been revoked and you need to apply for a new one with the mark

    91. But I’m curious what about if you have a mark and the passport is expiring. Do you apply for a renew or need to apply a brand new in person at a passport service office as if you never had a passport? I can’t find info on the travel website on how to get a renewal for people who already have an existing passport with the mark. Renew is using DS-82 which you can just mail it out while new application is DS-11 and has to submit in person.

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