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  • thanksgiving travel

    Best Places to visit for Thanksgiving

    thanksgiving travel

    It’s best to be home for the holidays, right? Not necessarily.

    If you’re feeling adventurous, Thanksgiving is the perfect time to get out and explore the world. November is the off season for most destinations in Europe, and it’s spring-time in the southern hemisphere. That means that prices on flights and hotels are low, you can still find great weather, and you won’t have to deal with big crowds.

    If you’re not really into turkey, if you’re doing a “friends”giving, or if you want to try something different with your extended kin this holiday season, here are some of the best places to travel during Thanksgiving:


    Germany is amazing year-round, but Munich is home to one of the best-loved Christmas markets in the entire world. If you’re a nut for Christmas, you simply must shop this extensive craft fair with hand-made trinkets, decorations, and gifts.


    You can find another Winter Wonderland with a holiday market in the capital of Belgium, and you’ll also find a city that appears to be straight out of a winter fairy tale.


    Flights to this Spanish hub are significantly marked down in the fall, but the mild fall weather makes this vibrant city feel comfortable and relaxed.


    If you don’t feel like heading overseas, you can experience a taste of France in our neighbor to the north. Montreal is considered the Paris of North America. You’ll enjoy a great holiday feel, stunning architecture, and amazing French cuisine in this beautiful city.

    Mexico City

    This hub of Mexican culture is hurting a bit after the earthquake suffered earlier this year. As a result, it is incredibly affordable to visit this beautiful city of museums, parks, theater, and roaring nightlife, and your visit will help the city’s economy bounce back – it’s a win-win.


    A trip to the Caribbean is the perfect way to relax and recharge this Thanksgiving. Hurricane season should be winding down by the end of November, and Aruba’s southern location puts it outside of the typical hurricane zone. (Are you finding all of this talk of hurricanes reassuring?) Seriously, though, Aruba is a beautiful island that’s just twenty miles long. You can explore the whole place on a scooter for Thanksgiving.

    Wherever your Thanksgiving travel takes you this year, remember that we can help you with expedited passports and visas.  Take the time to contact our team you’re uncertain what you’ll need or if you need a visa in a hurry. We’re always here to help.

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