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  • SkyMall is Back!

    Why We’re Psyched That SkyMall is Back

    SkyMall is Back!

    Whether it was a glow-in-the-dark toilet seat for your bathroom or a yeti statue for your garden, the on-flight SkyMall magazine was always packed with wacky products you never knew existed. Yet with the rise of in-flight wifi and tablets, most flyers reduced their magazine browsing, resulting in the shopping catalog’s bankruptcy filing earlier this year.

    Don’t fret just yet, as SkyMall is planning a summer comeback! We here at Swift Passport and Visa Services are psyched for the return of SkyMall, particularly since it’s expected to be cooler than ever.

    While the kooky mag intends to keep some of the humorous items hanging around, readers will note a total revamp of its business model. Instead of solely focusing on items that people love to mock, it intends to be stocked with items that people love to buy.

    Full-Service Solutions

    High-tech, useful solutions for a variety of travel needs and wants are on the list, with a prime example outlined at Yahoo Travel. Let’s say you want a digital camera for your trip. Not only will the new SkyMall help you get your digital camera delivered to your hotel the day after you arrive, but you may also be treated to links showcasing digital camera tips and techniques so you’re nearly a pro by the time the camera lands in your hands.

    Services at your destination are another possible option. Here you may be on your way to the Big Apple while reading a SkyMall article on the tastiest pizza in New York City. Instead of hoofing it across town for a sample, you may be able to order the pizza and have it warm and waiting in your hotel room when you arrive.

    Another idea under discussion is a SkyMall shop at airports where you can pick up the products you ogled on the flight as soon as you get off the plane. Nice!

    Top Deals In-Flight

    Discount codes and awesome deals are also on the agenda, with consumers expected to nab better prices ordering through the magazine than they would from the manufacturer or Amazon.com. Geolocating tags, possibly linked to boarding passes, will give travelers special deals they must use within a few hours of their flight. Not only does this prompt immediate purchases, but it can bring back some of the wonderment of flying.

    Ready to renew your passport and book a trip just to check out the new SkyMall? Do it quickly and easily at Swift.

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