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  • top travel apps

    Put These Awesome Travel Apps on Your Phone Right Now

    top travel apps

    Whether you travel every week for work or a few times a year for vacation, travel apps can make all the difference in how much you save and how much you enjoy your trip. Whether you’re an Android person or an Apple person, here are the top travel apps of 2018.


    You may prefer looking for flights on Kayak, or maybe you like Trivago. Wherever you choose to do your research is up to you, but Hopper can help you figure out not just which tickets to buy but when they’ll be the cheapest. With this app, you’ll get push notifications telling you that the ticket you want has hit its lowest price, helping you save up to 40%, according to the company.

    Your Airline’s App

    Whichever airline you end up on – and especially if you’re a frequent flyer with a particular airline – download their company app. It may not feel cool downloading the app for Delta or United, but doing so can keep you up to date on flight delays, gate changes, and safely store your boarding pass and frequent flyer number. Many of these apps also give you access to in-flight entertainment and updates during flights.


    This app is a must if you’re going on a multi-leg journey, or if you just love organization. This app stores all of your travel docs in one place and keeps them at the ready. Just forward your travel confirmations to the app, and TripCase organizes all the information in order for you.


    Again, for your overall research, we like starting with the web. But if you’d like a more curated list of hotels that are sure to impress, HotelTonight is a must have app. The options range from super swanky to moderately priced boutique faire.


    If you want to save some money and have a homier experience while traveling, Airbnb is still the way to go. You could find a whole house for your family to stay in or a single bed in someone else’s room. And Airbnb is used in countries around the world.

    The Uber of ___ Country

    Uber is the go-to ride service in a lot of countries, but not all of them. Wherever you are, ask the concierge which ride app you should download for easy access to safe and fast transportation.

    Google Maps

    It’s hard to beat Google when it comes to finding your way around, no matter where you are. The app does a pretty darn good job of offering up local public transportation options, which can be incredibly helpful in foreign countries and unfamiliar cities. It also lets you download local maps so that you can navigate when you don’t have internet access, which is huge.

    For more great travel apps, check out this Digital Trends list and this list from Forbes. And as always, if you need help with expedited passports or expedited visas, we are always here to help!

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