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  • Rental Cars Abroad

    A rental car is a great way to see all the sights during your travels.  However, even if you’ve been driving for years or even used a rental car before, you may want to take note of these tips:

    1.  No matter where you go, how long you’ve had your license, or if you are a good driver–DO NOT FORGET INSURANCE–and make sure you have plenty of it.

    2.  Find out about the driving laws where you are visiting.  Which side of the road will you have to drive on?  Will you be able to read and interpret the road signs?  Can you ask for directions in the local language?  Make sure you are prepared before you pull out of the rental car garage.

    3.  If you are driving in a rural area that you are unfamiliar with, make sure you have a spare tire, extra gasoline, and provisions including water and a first aid kit.  If there is any way possible, make sure you have a GPS, too.

    4.  If you are renting a motorcycle or a scooter, always wear a helmet.

    5.  Obey all traffic laws, even if it appears other people are ignoring them.

    6.  Stock up on maps.  You can buy them and/or print them from the internet with detailed directions.

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