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  • planning business travel

    Your Go to Resource for Planning Business Travel

    planning corporate travel

    Did you know that Swift Passport Services began as a company that helped pilots and other people in the aviation industry obtain last-minute passports and visas? Today, we have expanded to a nationwide business that serves both individuals and corporate partners. With offices in Chicago, Houston, New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles, we are fully equipped to help everyone from Fortune 500 companies to small businesses enjoy easier international corporate travel.

    Planning corporate travel is never a fun or easy task, and it gets much more complicated when there are international destinations involved. Add to that the stress of last-minute business trips, and you’ll find countless opportunities for things to go wrong, get overlooked, or get lost.

    We strive to take the stress and hassle out of planning business travel by offering a complete set of visa and passport services to our corporate partners. These services include completing all necessary paperwork, working directly with foreign consulates on your behalf, expediting visa and passport applications whenever possible, and working according to your timeline and budget.

    Corporate travel should be an exciting prospect for your business. It should signify new partnerships, expansions, and possibilities. Help your team focus on these benefits of international travel by leaving all of the messy paperwork to us.

    Our team has a combined 45-years of experience working with foreign consulates to deliver visas as quickly as possible. In many cases, we are able to obtain visas for entire teams in a single business day. (Working on your own, the same visas could take four to eight weeks to obtain.) And of course, we can work within a wide variety of timeframes to best suit your needs and budget. Whether you have regularly scheduled trips throughout the year or never know when a last minute meeting will pop up, we can be on call to assist at a moment’s notice.

    Swift can also help you save time and energy by filling out visa and passport applications for you, helping to ensure that all documents are filled out correctly the first time. We will also help you stay on top of changes to visa applications from different countries. Most countries update their application processes on a regular basis, and we can save you a lot of frustration by keeping you abreast of those changes.

    With our strategically placed offices, Swift is able to work with clients in all fifty states and all US territories. Whether your business requires dozens of new visas every week or a handful of visas every few months, we can help make all of your corporate travel easier and more efficient with our corporate partnership program.

    To learn more, contact our team today to discuss your upcoming business travel needs.

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