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  • Best Romantic International Vacations

    The Best Romantic International Vacations for Couples

    Best Romantic International Vacations

    In this excessively hectic day and age, the chance to take an international trip with your significant other can be something that you look forward to for months or even years.

    But big international trips can also be stressful, especially if getting to and around your chosen country is difficult. Language barriers can add stress, as can the difficulty of planning the perfect getaway when your interests aren’t perfectly aligned with your SO’s (maybe she/he likes laying on the beach and you prefer going on multi-day hikes).

    Not to worry. We have a list of ideal spots for romantic international vacations. Regardless of budget, length of your trip, and preferred vacation activities, you’re sure to find a few spots on this list that will hit all of your checkboxes.


    We know what you’re thinking — all that sand? The long flight? Tourists everywhere? That doesn’t sound relaxing or romantic. But hear us out. Tourism has been down quite a bit in Egypt for years and is just starting to bounce back, so if you leave soon, you shouldn’t be fighting absurd crowds. The resurgence of Egypt’s tourism industry also means that you can still get great deals on pre-packaged Nile cruise vacations. You can take all the stress out of planning and enjoy the romance of floating down one of the world’s greatest rivers, all while getting a great deal.


    Always a popular spot, you’ll have to face off with crowds in Greece. But it will also be easy to get advice for your trip, because recommendations for great trips to Greece are plentiful. If you have the time, you can also visit Italy and have an amazing foodie vacation. Or you can dance every night away in night clubs, or relax on boats or the beach. Greece is a great getaway, because it can be whatever you want to make of it, and you can do different things every day on different islands, if you so choose. It’s all up to you.


    If you’ve always wanted to visit Southeast Asia but have been nervous about traveling somewhere so unfamiliar, Thailand is a great place to start. English signs are posted everywhere, and the people of Thailand are incredibly friendly and helpful. Skip Bangkok and head up to Chiang Mai for an awesome city experience complete with a unique zoo, elephant rescue, and tiger sanctuary nearby. You can also head down to the islands on either side of the country for snorkeling, relaxation, or partying. Again, it’s all up to you and your loved one.

    New Zealand

    If you and your partner are adventurous types, you simply can’t beat the intense beauty and amazing getaways of New Zealand. You can climb mountains, go sky diving, ski, scuba dive, hike through forests… whatever you like. And all the while you’ll be surrounded by some of the most romantic vistas in the world.

    And remember that wherever you choose to go, we can help secure your visas and expedited passports. Give us a call any time to learn more.

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