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  • Romantic Travel Destinations from Around the World

    Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s the perfect time to head off to romantic travel destinations around the world. The middle of February is the perfect time to plan an escape, rekindle love, and be spontaneous. If you’re in the mood for some adventure this Valentine’s Day, here are six of the best romantic vacations around the world.

    1. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    In Rio, you and your amore can dine on delectable, spicy foods, laze the days away on the beach, and go dancing every night. You’ll love the vibrant culture, and you’ll never run out of sites to see and activities to try. Just remember to get your visa before you go.

    1. Santorini, Greece

    Santorini is known the world over as a lover’s paradise. The Grecian island has majestic sunsets and colorful beaches. This is the perfect destination for paramours who favor fine food, long walks, and peaceful beauty.

    1. Zion National Park, USA

    Zion is one of America’s most beautiful destinations. It’s the perfect retreat for couples who are feeling a bit adventurous or who want to connect through exciting challenges. The famous Angel’s Landing hike, for example, will make you feel like you’re actually on top of the world. And hiking through a shallow river in the Narrows will give you plenty of chances to literally support each other. Add a dash of romance by foregoing the tent and staying at the beautiful hotel inside the park.

    1. Bali, Indonesia

    Sparkling waterfalls, beautiful beaches, and a fifteenth-century temple make Bali a favorite destination of couples from around the world. One of the many benefits of staying here is the excellent people watching.

    1. Montreal, Canada

    It may be a bit chilly this time of year, but Montreal is a perfect romantic getaway for east coasters who don’t want to stray too far from home. Montreal is considered the Paris of North America, and it is marked by stunning architecture, wonderful nightlife, and a festive spirit.

    1. Majorca, Spain

    An island off the coast of Spain, Majorca is known for its beautiful sandy beaches, darling boutique hotels, and excellent food. (We realize we’re focusing a lot on the food at each of these destinations, but really, what romantic getaway is complete without amazing food?) You might spot the occasional celebrity in Majorca, and you’re sure to see plenty of couples in love, enjoying the peaceful beauty of this island destination.

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