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  • Thanksgiving Travel

    Why Stay Home this Thanksgiving?

    The AAA reports that over 40 million people travel during Thanksgiving each year in the United States. About 90% of those people travel by car, which means that the vast majority of Thanksgiving celebrations are happening right here in the United States.

    Now, if you’re not a big Thanksgiving fan, or if you hate dealing with all those people on the roads during Thanksgiving weekend, why not get out of the country for a few days?

    Thanksgiving week is a great time to take an international vacation. You can escape the cold weather for a few days and enjoy a change of pace, either on your own or with some close friends.

    Thanksgiving Travel

    Avoid the family fights and have some amazing Indian food or authentic Chinese cuisine instead of the standard dry turkey. It just might turn out to be the best Thanksgiving you’ve ever had.

    Thanksgiving travel destination that we are big fans of include:

    1. Munich

    In Munich, you can skip right over Thanksgiving and head directly for Christmas. This beautiful German town has one of the biggest Christmas markets in all of Europe. You can shop for unique decorations for your home, get all of your gift-buying out of the way, and enjoy the beauty and liveliness of Germany.

    1. Mexico

    With just a short, inexpensive flights, you can feel like you are worlds away by visiting the beautiful beaches of sunny Mexico. Head to Mexico City for some of the finest dining anywhere in the world, or hit the beach with your friends and feast on fresh crab and lobster instead of your mom’s green bean casserole.

    1. Cuba

    Now that we Americans can travel freely to the island country of Cuba, why not use your Thanksgiving break as an excuse to go exploring? Dance the night away, enjoy some of the finest cigars in the world, and bring back gifts of rum for all your family and friends.

    Wherever you head this Thanksgiving, remember to contact the Swift team to take care of all your travel visa needs. We can help you get visas to a wide variety of countries in as little as three business days. Remember that some countries, like Brazil, have long waiting periods, so give us a call first to find out which destinations you can get to with minimal hassle this Thanksgiving. We can also help you renew your passport or get your first one ever in as little as one business day!

    If you enjoyed this blog and happen to have travel plans during the Thanksgiving holiday, you may enjoy our blog “Swift’s Guide Stress Free 2014 Thanksgiving Travel”.

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