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  • Best Carry on Luggage for Suits

    Swift’s Picks: Best Carry On Luggage for Suits

    Best Carry on Luggage for Suits

    Savvy business travelers know they can save tons of time if they skip the lengthy wait at the luggage carousel to retrieve any checked-in baggage. But carry-ons can be rather small and cramped, you think, prone to wrinkling your suits and other garments.

    That’s where you need to think again. With the generous array of carry-on luggage on today’s market, you have many options that can help keep your suit smart, clean and wrinkle-free during your travels.

    What to Look for in Carry-Ons


    Most domestic airlines require carry-on bags to measure a maximum of 22 inches wide by 14 inches high by 9 inches deep.

    International airline carry-on requirements vary. Some of the luggage we looked at was a teeny one-half inch longer than maximum measurements, but the manufacturer stated the pieces met carry-on standards.


    You don’t necessary need a hard plastic case, but you do want a heavy-duty material. Canvas works well for protection, as does a lighter, water-resistant nylon.


    Since you don’t want to cram your suit into a ball to fit it into your carry-on, the best luggage for suits will have a wide opening. Full-length zippers are handy, as is the ability to lay the carry-on flat to pack and then roll it up to go.


    Exterior or interior pockets can help you stow all the accessories that accompany your suit. These include shoes, socks, tie, and that dandy pocket watch you like to carry when you’re dressed to the nines.


    If you prefer carry-ons that you don’t have to actually carry, go for carry-on suit luggage that comes with rolling wheels. Four wheels are more stable and versatile than two.

    Our Top Three Picks

    Black Canvas Weekender Garment Bag – $110

    black canvas garment bag
    Image Courtesy of CombatGent

    Combatant Gentlemen has an ingenious carry-on that combines the wrinkle-free features of a garment bag with the convenience of a duffel bag. Simply lay the canvas bag flat to insert your suit, pack your shoes and other accessories in the interior compartments, then roll it all up into a handy, easy-to-tote duffel.

    Combat Gent says it meets international carry-on requirements, measuring 22.5 inches wide by 12.5 inches high by 11 inches deep.

    Brooks Brothers Suit Garment Bag – $248

    Brooks Brothers Garment Bag
    Image courtesy of Brooks Brothers

    Going with a traditional garment bag is another option for taking your suit on the plane, and Brooks Brothers has a keen one. The ballistic nylon bag features leather trim, pinstripe lining, and water-repellent exterior pockets to hold your accessories.

    Bag measurements are 22 inches wide by 44.5 inches long. You can fold it, of course, to meet carry-on standards. Another option is to ask the flight attendant to hang it for you where there’s room so you don’t have to cram it in an overhead compartment.

    Tumi Alpha 2 Carry-On 4 Wheel Garment Bag – $695

    eBags Carry On for Suits
    Image courtesy of eBags

    The handsome Tumi Alpha 2 suit carry-on features four wheels, tons of accessory pockets, impact-resistant end caps, and a truly snazzy way to pack your suit for quick and easy on-plane transport. Ballistic nylon is the material of choice, and the exterior is outfitted with one telescoping handle for rolling as well as top and side carry handles for maneuvering and carrying.

    The bag measures 22 inches long by 14.5 inches wide by 9 inches deep.

    No matter which of the best luggage for suits you choose, choosing to take your suit on the plane can save you time and hassle by eliminating the baggage claim circus. Just pack your suit, grab your up-to-date passport, and hop on the plane to your destination.

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