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  • Tanzania and the East Africa Visa Program

    In early 2014, the governments of Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda announced the creation of the East Africa Tourist Visa. The goal of this visa was to drive regional tourism into these countries by providing a hassle-free visa application process at a low price. In April 2014, Tanzania was supposed to be added to the visa program but the country never joined. This left many travelers confused and uncertain about getting back into Tanzania without having an East African Tourist Visa. 

    If you’re looking to travel to Tanzania in the near future but want more information on what’s needed to enter the country, keep reading on for some clarity:

    What Do I Need to Enter Tanzania?

    Please note that this information could change due to COVID-19 travel restrictions. You can stay up to date on the latest information by going here.

    To enter Tanzania, you’ll need a visa and passport. Your passport must have six months validity after your date of entry, and your visa must have at least one blank page. You also will need to have proof of a return ticket home as well as proof of enough funds for the entirety of your trip. 

    How Can I Obtain a Visa For Tanzania?

    You can obtain a visa for Tanzania by going here. Once you fill out the visa application, provide two passport photos, proof of travel, and pay the visa application fees, our team will begin to process your Tanzanian visa. After your visa is complete and ready to go, we will send your e-Visa directly to you via email.

    When Can I Expect to Receive My Tanzanian E-Visa?

    It can take anywhere between 1-10 business days for a Tanzania e-Visa to be processed and sent to you depending on what processing time you choose at checkout. Our processing time options include 1-2 days, 4-5 days, and 7-10 days.

    How Much Does a Tanzania Visa Cost?

    The cost for a Tanzania e-Visa varies depending on which processing option you select at the time of checkout. Below are our fees and pricing:

    • 1-2 Days Processing Time: $399
    • 4-5 Days Processing Time: $245
    • 7-10 Days Processing Time: $195 

    Can I Get a Visa on Arrival in Tanzania?

    As a United States citizen, you can get a visa on arrival in Tanzania. Still, you should note that the Tanzania Embassy highly recommends obtaining a visa before traveling to the country.  

    If you have any questions about obtaining your Tanzania visa, don’t hesitate to contact us. No matter if you plan on traveling to Tanzania or somewhere else in the world, we can help get you there!

    2 thoughts on “Tanzania and the East Africa Visa Program”

    1. Hey, thanks for the update on Tanzania. I’ve been losing my hair trying to figure how best to manage a 10 Day trip to Kenya, Rwanda, Kenya again, Tanzania then finally Kenya on an East Africa Travel visa (which doesn’t cover Tanzania) or an East Africa Community visa (which doesn’t include Rwanda).

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