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  • The CDC Now Recommends Getting Tested As Close to Departure Day As Possible

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is now recommending that travelers get tested as close to departure day as possible. The updated guidelines are for both domestic and international travel and suggest that everyone should get tested no more than three days before their trip. If you have upcoming travel plans and aren’t exactly sure what the updated guidelines could mean for you, here’s everything you should know:

    How Close to Departure Day Should I Get Tested For COVID?

    The CDC now recommends that anyone traveling domestically or internationally get tested as close to departure day as possible. This means that you should get tested within three days of your trip. Testing requirements for international travel vary, so be sure to check the requirements of your destination country frequently.

    Do I Have to Get COVID Tested Before Traveling Domestically?

    Though U.S. citizens don’t need to get COVID tested before traveling domestically, the CDC is recommending that all travelers get tested as close to their departure day as possible.

    The new guidelines state that those traveling within the United States should consider getting a COVID test no more than three days before their trip. So though it’s not required that you get tested when traveling domestically, it is highly recommended that you get tested just to be safe.

    Do I Have to Get COVID Tested Before Traveling Internationally?

    Testing requirements are significantly different when it comes to traveling internationally and tend to vary by country. Most international travel destinations will require that you are fully vaccinated or that you can show proof of a negative COVID-19 test.

    Before leaving for your international trip, check out this COVID-19 country-specific information guide so that you are aware of your destination country’s entry requirements.

    What Are the Requirements to Enter the United States?

    Anyone over the age of 2 years old with a flight departing to the U.S. will need to show one of the following items:

    • A negative COVID viral test that was taken no more than one day before travel
    • Documentation showing that the traveler recovered from COVID-19 in the past 90 days

    If you are entering the United States and are a non-U.S. citizen or non-U.S. immigrant, you will also need to be fully vaccinated with the primary series of an accepted COVID vaccine.

    You can learn more about the requirements for entering the United States from an international destination on the CDC website.

    Where Can I Get Tested For an Upcoming Trip?

    Finding a COVID testing location is quite simple. To find a testing site nearest you, use this testing site locator created by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Resources. The locator will tell you what types of tests are available and will direct you to a site where you can make a testing appointment.

    What’s the Status of the Coronavirus Right Now?

    According to Our World in Data, as of May 27, 2022, coronavirus cases in the United States have reached nearly 84 million cases and more than 1 million deaths. Internationally, the total number of coronavirus cases has reached 528 million cases and 6.28 million deaths. You can stay up to date on the current status of COVID by going to this website.

    If you have upcoming travel plans, stay safe, stay healthy, and enjoy your trip! If you need a passport or visa for your travels, you can get the process started on the Swift website. The application process is easy to follow, and you can contact our team at any point with questions. As always, no matter where you plan on going, we’ll get you there!

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