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  • The Current State and Divided View of Travel

    The coronavirus pandemic has undoubtedly changed the way people travel now and possibly even how they travel going forward. While some of us have been finding ways to go out and explore the world amidst all of the uncertainty, others are hunkering down and staying put until further notice. This has caused somewhat of a divided view of the current state of travel, with many having mixed emotions and feelings on the topic.

    For example, many big name players in the travel industry have vowed to improve their cleaning policies and safety measures for guests which is why there are a vast number of people willing to travel. But on the other end of the spectrum, there are still many people who are concerned that venturing away from home poses a risk to themselves and others.

    We wanted to dive deeper into what exactly does the current state of travel look like, and why some people are willing to hop on a plane and explore while others are not quite ready. Here’s what we found:

    What Exactly is the Current State of Travel?

    The current state of travel is pretty uncertain at the moment. Many countries are slowly trying to reopen but a majority are still closed to American citizens due to the continuous rise of COVID-19 cases in the United States. Unfortunately, we have all of the same information as you do, and there’s no telling when international travel will return to normal once again.

    Though it’s true that many countries aren’t letting Americans in, U.S. citizens can still travel throughout the United States of America. Many tourist destinations throughout the U.S. are now open (with precautionary measures in place), which has led to many people traveling nationally on family road trips or by plane.

    Why Are Some People Willing to Travel While Others Are Not?

    Not only is the current state of travel uncertain at the moment, but the state of the whole globe seems to be uncertain as well. Everyone is taking the impact of the coronavirus differently, and rightfully so. While some people may feel comfortable enough to go out into the world right now, others are terrified of traveling outside of their homes.

    There’s no manual to how us, as humans, should react to being thrown into a pandemic, and everyone’s individual feelings should be respected and taken into consideration now, and going forward. 

    What Precautions Are Being Taken By Companies in the Hospitality Industry?

    There are many companies in the hospitality industry that are taking the necessary precautions to help keep their customers and employees safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many hotels, airlines, and restaurants have been improving their cleaning procedures and have been implementing safety measures to try and keep everyone safe, happy, and healthy while traveling.

    Two airline giants that have done a great job updating their policies are Southwest Airlines and Delta. Southwest Airlines is keeping all of their middle seats open and is requiring that face masks are worn during all flights, while Delta is also keeping all of their middle seats open, and is boarding each flight starting at the rear to ensure that people don’t have to pass each other while getting to their seats.

    What Precautions Should I Take if I Travel? 

    Though it’s true that many popular tourist destinations are now open in the United States, the threat of COVID-19 is still very real. If you are looking to travel, please make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions to keep yourself and others safe.

    Here are some of the things you can do while traveling to be a conscious traveler:

    • Wash your hands.
    • Research the area that you’re traveling to.
    • Keep your distance from others.
    • Choose an airline that promotes social distancing.
    • Wear a mask.
    • Sanitize your frequently used items.
    • Support local businesses.
    • Be respectful.
    • Don’t touch an item unless you intend to purchase it.
    • Most of all, be kind!

    The current state of travel certainly isn’t a straight line, so it’s ultimately up to you if you feel safe enough venturing out into the world. One thing that we do ask is that if you are planning on traveling, please respect the feelings of others and take care of yourself. At the end of the day, we are all in this together!

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