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  • Stockholm

    Top 5 Safest Cities to Travel To in 2016

    Head East, young man (woman, or child), as Asian nations rank high for the safest cities to travel to in 2016. The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) regularly ranks the world’s largest cities in four distinct safety categories: personal safety, health safety, digital safety and infrastructural safety. Three of the cities on the most recent list are in Asia, while two are Northern Europe.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands


    As the largest and capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is known for world-famous museums, glorious galleries, alluring canal cruises, intriguing neighborhoods and a hopping nightlife. It’s also known as a safe place for travel, ranking as EIU’s fifth best city overall and the ninth for personal safety. High marks in health safety produce a life expectancy of 79.

    Stockholm, Sweden


    Sweden’s capital city is built on 14 islands that surround a finely preserved medieval city center, gracing visitors with amazing history and breathtaking views. Breathe easy with high safety ratings as well as high marks on the EIU’s Democracy Index, which ranks democratic components of various regions. Stockholm residents’ life expectancy averages 82.

    Osaka, Japan


    Osaka has several claims to fame, one of which is being Japan’s first known capital city, back when it was known as Naniwa. A massive, 16th-century castle, one of Japan’s most impressive aquariums and one of the country’s oldest temples are hot attractions, as are numerous shrines and vibrant city districts. Osaka placed third on the safest cities to travel to list, with an affluent vibe that typically results in lower crime. Life expectancy in Osaka is 83.



    Natural beauty, delightful neighborhoods, amazing art, museums, monuments and the best personal safety ranking from EIU give Singapore an overall second place on the safest city list. Walking the heritage trail provides keen insights into the independent city-state’s complicated history, which created a thriving multi-cultural environment. Life expectancy here is 82.

    Tokyo, Japan


    Japan’s bustling capital mingles the uber-modern with the traditional, the man-made opulent with the naturally sublime, and safety with security and peace of mind. Tokyo ranked as the top city overall by EIU, placing in the top 10 in all four categories of personal safety, health safety, digital safety and infrastructural safety. Tokyo life expectancy is 82.

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