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  • Top 5 Travel Products That are Actually Worth It

    Top 5 Travel Products That are Actually Worth It

    Even if travel can sometimes be a pain in the rear, it never has to be a pain in the neck. Yes, neck pillows are on the list of worthwhile travel products, as voted by us here at Swift Passport and Visa Services. Check out all five worthwhile travel products you should never leave home without.

    Neck Pillow

    Travel pillow

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    Neck pillows come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles, and the best is one that’s comfortable for you. The most common are the U-shaped neck pillows designed to rest on your shoulders to support your head. In addition to helping to prevent injuries, neck pillows can increase your travel safety and comfort. Look for firm support, a design that fits comfortably and a removable, washable cover.

    Ever flew 8+ hours without a neck pillow? It’s quite terrible.

    Noise Cancelling Earphones


    Whether you’re trying to catch a nap, block out babbling passengers or escape to your own little world, noise-cancelling earphones are an investment into your health and sanity. You don’t have to blast the volume, which puts your hearing at risk. And you don’t have to listen to the surrounding babble, which puts your sanity at risk. Look for a pair that is easy to carry and has a comfortable fit and adjustable volume control.

    Our advice? Full-cover headphones are more comfortable than ear buds.

    Portable Battery Pack

    UTOO Powerbank 18   Flickr   Photo Sharing

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    Your electronic gadgets can be a lifesaver during travel – unless, of course, your batteries run out. Go for a quality battery pack that can add hours of enjoyment to your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Battery packs come in different capacities, power levels and sizes, TheNextWeb explains, so you want to make sure you choose one that fits the specific gadgets for which you want it.

    The ‘Right’ Luggage



    The “right” luggage is durable enough to stand up to airline tossing, secure enough to stay closed and the perfect size to either carry onboard or check in without any additional fees. Measure the luggage before buying to ensure the description is accurate. A single inch can make a big difference. Broken zippers and ripped fabric are the greatest luggage complaints; four-wheeled, easy transport is the greatest selling point.

    Quality Travel Wallet


    Travel wallets give you a specific place all your vital travel documents, from your passport to your charge cards or cash. They also eliminate all that harried rifling through your pockets, purse or bag to present the ID you need at any given time. Slip yours into the hotel safe and you know all your essential documents are together and secure.

    Don’t forget to ensure your travel wallet documents are good to go when you are, with expedited visa and passport services available from Swift!

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