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    The Top 7 Coolest Airline Perks (that we know of)

    airline perks

    While you may know all about airlines’ long lines and cramped seats, you may not be aware of some of the coolest perks available from different carriers around the world. We gathered up the top 7 coolest airline perks to keep in mind when making your next vacation plans.

    Soft Lights, Scented Towels, Women’s Only Restroom

    Certain international flights on Japan’s ANA Airlines come with a classy ambiance created by scented hand towels, muted lighting and even women-only restroom. A men-only restroom is another perk the airline is starting to feature on some flights.

    On-Flight Exercise Options

    Sitting for extended periods can be a drag on your health, but you can perk up and pump up with on-flight exercise options from Scandinavian Airlines (SAS). “Exercise in the Chair” has been one of the airline’s in-flight entertainment options since 1977, and more recent additions include an onboard handle bar in business class for stretching your back during the ride.

    Mercedes-Benz at the Ready

    Frequent flyers on United Airlines don’t have to scurry through US airports to make their connecting UA flights. They’re instead treated to a chauffeured Mercedes-Benz that picks them up right on the tarmac and then whisks them on over to their connection.

    Designer Comfort Bags

    KLM Royal Dutch Airlines treats its passengers like royalty with Viktor & Rolf designer comfort bags. With different bags for men and women, the packages come packed with an eye mask, socks, toothpaste and toothbrush and other goodies. New bag designs and colors are introduced each year. First-class KLM passengers additionally get small bottles of Dutch gin, creatively contained in a miniature, ceramic Dutch house.

    Snooze Kits and All-You-Can-Eat Snacks

    first class

    Even the economy passengers on JetBlue’s overnight flights get a few perks that make the night fly by. Free snooze kits contain ear plugs, eye shades, and a morning hot towel, along with unlimited access to the on-flight snack bar.

    Sky Nanny Service

    Gulf Air serves up a perk that’s as sweet a treat for parents as it is for their kids. The airline has a fleet of in-flight sky nannies equipped to entertain children on flights to and from its home base of Bahrain.

    Live Music with In-Flight Concerts  

    Southwest Airlines treats passengers to live, surprise concerts on certain flights, with past performances from bands such as Better Than Ezra, Imagine Dragons, and Echosmith. Even if you don’t’ get a live performance on your flight, you can take advantage of the airlines Live at 35 program for exclusive access to nationwide musical events.

    If you’re not sure where to head next on your travels, why not let the coolest airline perks help pick the path. Simply grab a passport, book your flight and get ready to enjoy. Also feel free to contact Swift with any questions; we’re always happy to help!

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