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  • Looking for Adventure? Try one of the these Destinations

    Top Destinations for Baby Boomers Looking for Adventure

    Looking for Adventure? Try one of the these Destinations

    When it comes to daring destinations, baby boomers are raring to go! Adventure travel is on the rise with the 50+ crowd, according to Forbes, and we here at Swift gathered up some of the top destinations for baby boomers. All destinations require a valid passport, which you can easily obtain through our new passport or passport renewal services, and we also noted when the destination requires a travel visa.

    What are you waiting for? Learn more about these adventurous destinations and book your travel!


    Tourist visa required; must be arranged as outlined by US Department of State.

    You’ll find this tiny, Buddhist country hiding between India and Tibet, and a Wall Street Journal article promises you’ll love what you find. Rare wildlife is a major highlight, with national law dictating 60 percent of the country remains as natural forest habitat. You may spy a golden langur, black-necked crane, Himalayan bear or other beautiful creatures romping about the largely wild terrain.


    No tourist visa required for stays up to 90 days.

    Singapore is the gateway for explorations in Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia, but it’s also hailed as a final destination for many. Exploration is a breeze with a savvy public transportation system, making it easy to get around the wide range of distinct neighborhoods. Highlights include the Singapore Botanic Gardens and estimated 12,000 or more amazing street food vendors selling goodies that range from satay to chili crab to tropical fruit.



    No visa required for business or tourist travel of up to 90 days.

    The coastal city of Knokke comes highly recommended for its mild summer temperatures, ample beaches along the North Sea and small-town charm. Travelers can walk pretty much through the entire city, stopping for shopping, authentic cuisine and simply exploring the laid-back, relaxing ambiance of this tucked-away town.


    Travel visa required with an e-visa option that serves as electronic authorization for tourist travel of up to 90 days.

    Turkey is home to what is known as the Turkish Riviera, also dubbed the Turquoise Coast, which features a breathtaking span of beaches along the country’s southwesternmost coast. Area highlights include the rugged, mountainous landscape, historic landmarks that include Greek and Roman ruins, and the opportunity to tour and explore on the widely available boats-for-hire known as gulets.

    Any of these top destinations for baby boomers can be tons of fun to explore and enjoy. And no matter what destination you choose, Swift Passport Services can help ensure your travel requirements are covered. Contact us with any questions, or pay us a visit to get that passport renewed today!

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