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  • toronto skyline at night

    Top Ten Tourist Attractions in Toronto


    1.  CN Tower

    This structure defines the Toronto skyline.  At 1,815 feet, it is the second tallest free standing structure in the world only surpassed by the Burj Dubai.  Visitors can travel to the top for sightseeing and photography, or to dine in the 360 restaurant, a revolving fine dining experience that slowly turns allowing for a complete 360 view of Toronto.

    toronto skyline at night

    2.  Black Creek Pioneer Village

    The Black Creek Pioneer Village is a collection of authentically restored structures from the 19th century used to recreate a Victorian-era community complete with workers, craftsmen and other village inhabitants wearing period costumes and performing tasks like blacksmithing, printing, and bread-making as it was done in the 1860’s.

    3.  Art Gallery of Ontario

    One of the largest art museums in North America, the AGO is approximately half a million square feet with more than 68,000 pieces in the collection ranging in age from 100 AD to 2009 AD.

    4.  Casa Loma

    A European style castle built in 1913 by Sir Henry Pellatt, it has 98 rooms, 2 towers, secret panels, and other cool features like a giant pipe organ, a 60-foot-high ceiling in its Great Hall, and 5-acres of estate gardens.

    5.  Fort York

    This historic location is the site where the British founded Toronto in the year 1793 and is the location of the famous Battle of York during the War of 1812.  It has original 19th century structures, exhibits, and seasonal historical reenactments.

    6.  Kensington Market

    A European-style market featuring unique shopping in outdoor stalls, vintage shops, and wares from around the world.  It is alive with color, aroma, music and life–a wonderful place to take photos!

    7.  Toronto Zoo

    One of North America’s finest zoos, the Toronto Zoo boasts 5000 animals and over six miles of walking trails.  Well over a million visitors enjoy the zoo each year.

    8.  St. James Cathedral

    Angelican church  has the tallest steeple in Canada, it has beautiful architecture and a rich history.

    9.  Textile Museum of Canada

    With more than 12,000 objects from 200 countries, the Textile Museum of Canada is a stunning collection of fabrics, garments, carpets, and other textile-related artifacts.

    10.  Hockey Hall of Fame

    Even non-hockey fans will get into the spirit when they pay a visit to the Hockey Hall of Fame.  There are fun, interactive exhibits as well as authentic memorabilia to help get you up to speed on Canada’s favorite sport.


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