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  • Travel Spotlight on India

    India is a country that truly has something for everyone, there’s a ton to see and do from visiting ancient temples to hiking through forests.

    India is the seventh biggest country in the world and is second only to China in terms of population, though that’s likely to change in the next ten years. India is becoming an increasingly popular tourist destination, and rightly so. With so much to see, two weeks traveling across India is roughly equivalent to two weeks traveling across the United States – you’ll see a lot, but you’ll miss a whole lot more.

    Whether you’ve been to India before or this is your first visit, you’ll have no shortage of ancient ruins to see, temples to admire, bustling cities to immerse yourself in, forests to hike through, or coastline to enjoy. This country truly has something for everyone.

    That said, putting together a list of the best things to in India is no easy task, but these are just three sites that we think are worth your while:

    1. The Taj Mahal – We know, you’ve heard of it. We’re not going to shock anyone with this choice, but the Taj Mahal is one of those historical sites that you just can’t overlook. It’s up there with the Eiffel Tower and the Egyptian pyramids. But one of the best things about the Taj Mahal is its ideal placement in India’s Golden Triangle tourist circuit. If the crowds at the Taj Mahal are too overwhelming, don’t worry. There are plenty of other historical sites to visit in every direction.
    2. Udaipur – This lovely city is thought to be the most romantic city in India. If you’re traveling with your significant other, Udaipur should be at the top of your list. The city is famous for its numerous palaces and beautiful lakes.
    3. Goa – Goa is India’s number one beach destination. If you’re visiting India with friends, this is the place to go for late night parties, pristine water, and more palm trees than you’ve ever seen before.

    Wherever you go in India, make sure to get your visa in order well before your trip. India visas currently can’t be expedited, and the consulate refuses to provide a timeframe as to how long an India visa should take to receive. The consulate recommends applying and waiting to receive your visa before making any reservations to travel to India.

    Hopefully the consulate will get its act together very soon, and visas to India are still absolutely worth the hassle – just apply early.

    If you have any great India travel stories, we want to hear them. Leave your latest and greatest international travel story in the comments, including your personal recommendations on the three best things to do in India.

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