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  • Travel Spotlight on Thailand

    travel to Thailand

    Thailand has quickly become a hit travel destination for Americans looking to have a unique and exciting vacation. Whether you like relaxing on the beach, partying under the full moon, shopping in the city, or motorbiking through untamed jungles, travel to Thailand has something to offer everyone.

    Thailand is exceptionally easy to get around for English speakers, as virtually all official signs are written in both Thai and English. That’s part of why so many expatriates have chosen Thailand as their second home. The other main reason is how affordable the country is. You’ll be amazed what wonderful food and hotels you can afford on a tight budget in Thailand. Here are some of the things we enjoyed most in this beautiful, diverse nation.

    1. Bangkok

    Thailand’s capital city is likely the place you will fly into and out of. On either end of your trip, you should set aside some time to explore this bustling, colorful city. Check out Khaosan Road for great shopping and an endless array of street food. For just a few dollars, you can get an amazing meal from any number of street carts. You’ll find favorites like Pad Thai, fresh cut fruit, and exotic dishes like different kinds of roasted insects, if you’re feeling adventurous. Find a rooftop restaurant in one of the cities many skyscrapers for a fancy night out and an amazing view of the city.

    1. Phuket

    Thailand has a number of amazing islands, all with their own vibes and attractions. You can find islands devoted to relaxation, islands filled with partiers every night, and islands with excellent water sports. Phuket offers an ideal combination of all three. We recommend Aussie Divers for a scuba diving trip that you’ll never forget. If you’re not scuba certified, Phuket also has wonderful snorkeling, white sand beaches, and dazzling cliffs jutting straight out of the water. Give yourself enough time to try a few different islands. Depending upon your interests, you should be able to easily ferry between a few different islands and get a great sampling of Thailand’s beaches.

    1. Custom Clothes

    Virtually anywhere that you travel in Thailand, you’ll find tailors ready to make you a custom suit or dress for a fraction of what you’d pay in the United States. Thailand is also an amazing place to buy fabric to decorate your home or make your own clothes once you get home. We had a great experience with Mr. Bimal on Phuket (Phone:  087 620 8414 Address:  217 Khoktanood Rd, Karon Beach, Muang Phuket 83100 Thailand).

    1. Chang Mai

    Chang Mai in northern Thailand is the perfect jumping off point for all sorts of adventures. Visit a tiger sanctuary where you can pet tigers. Head to one of the various elephant rescues where you can help care for and ride elephants. Rent some motorcycles to take yourself on an adventure through the beautiful jungles of the north.

    Whatever you choose to do in Thailand, remember to take care of your Thailand travel visas before you arrive. You can secure your visas online with a small fee. If you have special travel circumstances or need a business or student visa, contact the Swift team. We’ll be happy to help however we can!

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