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  • Traveling to Vietnam With a Purpose

    Are you interested in exploring Vietnam whilst helping the local community? Look no further and join one of VEO’s weekend ‘volun-tourism’ trips! Volunteer for Education (VEO) is the network of young people around the world who share the same passion of contributing to the development of community. Through a volunteering educational program, V.E.O brings long-term educational benefit, career opportunities and stable living standards for the poor and disadvantaged communities within Vietnam.

    Since its establishment back in 2013, VEO has expanded to more than six provinces across the north of Vietnam and aims to go even further. From teaching English, to very hands on activities such as building playgrounds, volunteers have the opportunity to explore the region whilst making a change in the local community! It is an interesting way to experience the Vietnamese culture, make local friends and get to know more about their traditions. The different projects, prices (which are accessible) and programs can be found on VEO’s website: http://volunteerforeducation.org/en/

    My first volun-tourism trip with VEO was one not to forget. I really enjoyed the trip: the company of kind Vietnamese volunteers, friendly hosts, volunteering and of course the stunning views of Sapa! The opportunity to volunteer and teach at some primary schools during the weekend was not only rewarding but also a unique experience. I got the chance to get to know more about the community and the problems that the young kids face in order to access education.

    From long and cold walks to school (it does get very cold here in winter) to not having enough classroom space, the problems here are many. Luckily, organizations like VEO are driven to help the community and make education accessible. So what are you waiting for? Join VEO and make your holiday a one to remember!

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