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  • Vietnam Business Visas

    Vietnam Business Visa Services

    Vietnam Business Visas

    If you could travel anywhere in the world for business, Vietnam should be one of your top choices. The country has over 93 million people, multiple big cities, and a lot of business opportunities for US executives. If you need to plan a last minute trip to Vietnam for business, Swift can help you and your team get your Vietnam business visas in as little as two business days.

    Vietnam offers several different options for business travelers coming from the United States. If you have a valid US passport, you can obtain a Vietnam business visa for one entry or multiple entries for one month, one or multiple entries for three months, multiple entries for six months, or multiple entries for one year. The year-long visa is, naturally, the best deal, but Vietnam business visas aren’t particularly hard to obtain, so if you really only think you’ll visit once or twice, get the visa that matches your plans.

    In order to obtain a business visa from Vietnam, you’ll need a letter of intent from your company in the United States. The letter should state what type of business activities you plan to engage in, the specific type of visa you’re requesting, and how many times you plan to enter the country for business.

    To get your visa, you will also need to complete an online application, submit two passport photos, and pay the visa fee. If you have a third party company like Swift submit your application, you will also need to submit a letter of authorization. Swift can get you a traditional visa that attaches to your passport, or a looseleaf visa.  The nice thing about looseleaf visas is that you don’t need to send us your actual passport- we can take care of your order electronically!

    Once you have everything together, Swift can get a visa into your hands in as little as two business days. If you decide to apply on your own, make sure to check your application twice to avoid any mistakes or oversights. You should also give yourself some extra time to hear back from the Vietnamese consulate. As soon as you start planning your trip, get your application in to avoid headaches down the line.

    Of course, you can also avoid headaches by having Swift handle your business visa applications on your behalf. We work with everyone from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, organizing their visa applications and making sure that they are prepared for every trip, last-minute or otherwise. Contact our team to learn more. You can also visit our new Business Visas page for additional information.

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