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  • Visa Backlog a Concern For U.S. Companies Trying to Retain Talent

    Many companies based in America (especially tech companies) scout talent from all over the world. These workers need a temporary visa to come and work in the United States, with the ultimate goal being to get a green card to live and work here.

    Unfortunately, everchanging visa rules and restrictions, along with a visa processing backlog, are making it a lot more difficult for travelers to get a visa. This has caused significant concerns for U.S. companies trying to retain talented workers.

    Why is There a Visa Backlog?

    The visa backlog is due to multiple factors. When the coronavirus pandemic first started, visa processing was halted. This meant that there were thousands of visas waiting to be processed. So when visas started being processed again, more and more people were applying for visas, which only added to the backlog. Another reason that there’s a backlog is that there’s a staffing shortage. There are a lot of visas waiting to be processed a not a whole lot of workers to process them.

    How Long Does it Currently Take to Get a Visa to the United States?

    Ever since the coronavirus pandemic, visa processing has been significantly delayed. 

    It can take weeks or even months for people to get a temporary U.S. work visa, and it can sometimes take years for foreign nationals to obtain a green card.

    So, if employees can only be in the United States for short periods of time with their temporary visas, it makes it really hard for companies to keep these workers.

    Who is Being Affected Most?

    The visa backlog is hitting some U.S.-based companies pretty hard. This is true, especially for companies in the technology industry. American tech companies want top talent, and the visa backlog is making this complicated.

    Many of these companies rely on bringing in talented employees from around the world, and it’s been difficult for them to find workers who can work and live in the United States.

    What Do Foreign Nationals Need to Obtain a U.S. Business Visa?

    If you are interested in coming to the United States for business purposes, you will most likely need to apply for a visitor visa (B-1). This is a temporary visa that allows you to enter the U.S. for business purposes. To learn more about the requirements for foreign nationals to obtain a U.S. visa, visit the travel.state.gov website.

    Do Americans Need a Visa to Travel For Business?

    Though there are a handful of countries that don’t require American citizens to obtain a business visa, there are still plenty of countries that do require a business visa.

    Some countries that don’t require American citizens to obtain a business visa include Canada, Mexico, Italy, and Ireland.

    Some countries that do require American citizens to obtain a business visa include Australia, Brazil, and India. 

    If you’re interested in reading more about which countries require business visas, check out this article.

    How Can I Get a Business Visa For My Trip?

    Getting a business visa for your trip is quick and easy with Swift. If you need a visa for your upcoming trip, you can get the application process started on our website. If you have any questions at any time during the process, please don’t hesitate to contact our team. We would be happy to help! As always, no matter where you plan on going, we’ll get you there!

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