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  • “We’ve Been There” Photo Contest

    As you may have noticed, our new tag line at Swift is “We’ve been there.”  Just this year our globe-trotting staff has traveled to Spain, Iceland, Costa Rica, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.  And we also know that our jet-setting clients are hitting every corner of the globe as well.

    To celebrate the travels of our clients and staff, and to honor the many cultures we visit around the world, we are creating a travel wall in our new office coming January 2019. The wall will feature vibrant, unique and exciting photos from our staff and client’s travels.  This is where we need your help!  Please post or email us some photos from your travels and include your name and picture location.  Whether it’s a beach pic, or the craziest part of Shanghai, if it’s beautiful and exciting, it will be perfect.  Photos will be printed with your name on them, and prizes will be given to the top submissions.

    Thanks in advance for helping us beautify the new office while showcasing the destinations you love most!

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