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  • What China Doesn’t Want

    When applying for a visa to China, it’s especially important to complete their application process to the T.

    No two bosses are alike. Some bosses are thrilled when their workers go above and beyond, giving them more than they ever asked for. Other bosses find this kind of behavior annoying and would rather have exactly what they asked for – no more, no less. It’s the same way when applying for visas. Some countries appreciate a lot of extra information to help process your visa…

    China is not one of those countries.

    When applying for a visa to China, it’s especially important to complete their application process to the T. Give us a call if you’re worried about your China visa application. In the meantime, here are a few pointers to help you get a sense of what China does want, and just as importantly, what they don’t want in a visa application:


    • Complete your application fully, making sure that it’s typed.
    • Write your answers out fully, particularly when it comes to addresses.
    • Feel free to apply for ten-year China visas. China may deny your request, but will still give you a visa for a shorter time period. There is no harm in asking.
    • (If you’re applying for a business visa) make sure that your letter of invitation has a “chop.”
    • (If you’re applying for a tourist visa) make sure that you have your flight itinerary and hotel reservations ready to go.


    • Leave any fields blank on your application. If the question doesn’t apply to you, mark “n/a.”
    • Check “yes” on all of the questions on page 3 unless you have plenty of time and supplemental information to explain your response. Applications marked “yes” almost always experience delays.
    • Mention anything about travel to Tibet.
    • Refer to Hong Kong. If necessary, refer to it as the People’s Republic of China.
    • Complete your application in Chinese, unless Chinese is your first language.
    • Include any application materials that are not specifically requested.
    • Submit anything requiring additional explanation unless you absolutely need to. The Chinese are not interested in explanations when it comes to visa applications, there simply interested in the requirements.
    • Don’t detail any plans to visit Tibet on your application, or include any supplemental information that suggests you plan to travel there.
    • Be rude to any Chinese consulate workers. A smile can go a long way!

    If you need help obtaining a visa to China, Swift Passport Services is always available to assist. Whether you’re traveling for business or pleasure, we can help you navigate the application process, thereby avoiding both mistakes and delays.

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