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  • What Exactly is a Dual Passport?

    What Exactly is a Dual Passport?

    A dual passport is essentially a second passport that a person can have when he or she it is a legal citizen of two countries.  For example, if you were born in Canada and later became a citizen of the US, you would have dual citizenship because you are a citizen of two separate countries at the same time.  You could then apply for both a US passport and a Canadian passport (in most cases).  Once you obtain both passports, you could choose which one to use when you travel abroad.

    The Pros and the Cons

    There are several advantages to having a dual passport that you may not be aware of.   Aside from being able to choose which passport you’d like to use while traveling from place to place, you have the benefit of having a second passport in hand in the event that lose one of your passports.  Think of it as a second form of identification that you have easy access to should your passport get lost or stolen.

    Additionally, many US workers are choosing to obtain secondary passports, if eligible, because it lifts certain restrictions when they are conducting business and traveling regularly to the country in which they possess dual citizenship.  Yet another simple benefit, as Aerolíneas Argentinas told the New York Times, is being able to choose to enter shorter lines at airport security checkpoints.  “I used to go a lot to Brazil, and I would always decide what passport to show depending on what line was shorter,” said Argentinas.

    As for the cons, it is important that you consider the tax implications associated with having dual citizenship as well as military service requirements.  While exemptions are available to US citizens, these two factors are extremely important to consider.  Additionally, as the US Department of State says clearly on their site, dual nationals, “owe allegiance to both the United States and the foreign country. They are required to obey the laws of both countries.”  This means if you travel to another country where you are a citizen, that country has the right to enforce its laws and you must follow them.  Finally, you should know that if you are a US citizen, you’ll need to use your US passport to enter into the United States.

    Surprise, You May Qualify for Dual Citizenship and a Second Passport

    More and more people are learning that they can be dual citizens due to common factors that may have been overlooked.  For example, you may qualify to become a citizen of another country simply due to your ethnic heritage or because it’s your spouse’s country of origin.  In some cases, you can even become a citizen of a country based upon your religion.  However, it’s important to note that eligibility and responsibilities associated with citizenship vary immensely from country to country.

    If you have questions about getting a second passport, we encourage you to contact the Swift team by calling (877) 917-9438.  You can also review all the documents you’ll need to obtain your secondary passport on our site.

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