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  • Where Can I Get My Passport the Same Day?

    You’ve had this trip planned for months and finally, it’s here. Tomorrow’s the day you and your family leave for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to Europe. Your bags are packed, plane tickets are in hand, the week’s itinerary is printed out, and all passports are accounted for… Wait. This can’t be. Where’s your passport?!

    You frantically look everywhere and just can’t seem to find it. Everyone else in your family has their passport, but yours has magically disappeared. There’s no way you’re canceling this dream trip, but is it even possible to obtain a same-day passport?

    Believe it or not, there is a way to get a passport in a single day. 

    Here are some common questions that our clients typically have about how to get their passport the same day.

    Will a Passport Office Allow me to Get a Passport Same-Day?

    While there are a number of passport agencies around the United States that can help expedite your passport, not all of these places offer same-day passports. 

    Many of these agencies need you to complete numerous steps before they’ll even begin to help you. One of the many hoops they’ll make you jump through involves calling ahead to find out if there are any appointments available that day. In most cases, there won’t be any appointment availability, and you’ll have to wait several days before a passport agent can meet with you.

    If you go through standard channels for getting a passport, the wait time is four to six weeks. At standard passport offices, “expedited” usually means two weeks, and passports that are “expedited” often still take longer than that. 

    If I Can’t Rely on a Passport Office, Who Can I Rely on to Get a Passport Same-Day?

    At Swift we can provide you with the expedited passport services that you need. Simply come into one of our conveniently located offices, and one of our professional team members will walk you through the necessary paperwork, help ensure that you don’t make any mistakes, and submit your application for you. 

    Working with us will save you time, help ensure a successful application process, and help you get a new passport in your hands on the very same day. 

    Why Should I Choose Swift?

    Swift offers reliable, speedy, and affordable same day passport services that simply can’t be beaten by any other passport service. 

    Working with us can save you the frustration of visiting a passport agency and waiting in line for hours only to discover that you made a mistake in your application and need to start all over. In our offices, we are happy to work with each of our clients individually to help ensure an efficient and error-free application process. 

    Whether your boss has sprung a last-minute international business trip on you or you simply misplaced your old passport, the expert team at Swift can help you with all of your paperwork, wait in line for you, and help you obtain a new passport in a single day.

    Looking to obtain a same-day passport? We would love to help – let’s get started!

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    1. This sounds great but if you’re trying to go on a last minute vacation, you’re probably already spending a decent amount and you tax on 500 more dollars to make it happen may seem small but sucks

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