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  • Why Might a Visa Application be Denied?

    Why Might a Visa Application be Denied?

    Perhaps the most frustrating thing that can happen when applying for a visa is having your application denied. When you’re planning a trip and incomplete or invalid paperwork is the only thing that stands in your way, it can be enough to make any rational person scream.

    The best way to avoid having your visa denied is to know what the most common reasons for denial are. Below are examples of common mistakes people make that may help you steer clear of problems and successfully submit (or resubmit) your visa application.

    Top Reasons for Visa Denial

    Denied Visa on PassportIncomplete Information

    If you hurry through your application and inadvertently forget to sign a form or include a requested document, that will usually cause a visa denial. Make sure that you have all the information you need to thoroughly fill out your application and attach all of the documents that are requested. For more info about the requirements for different types of travel visas, visit our visas page and select the country you plan to visit for additional information.

    Inaccurate Information

    If you provide false information on your visa application, whether on purpose or by accident, this can definitely result in a denied visa. Sneaking a white lie past foreign governments is never a good idea!  You can get caught and it may keep you from ever visiting the country. If you have information you’re worried about sharing like a past criminal record or your place of birth, give the SPS team a call at (877) 917-9438 and we’ll try to address your concerns if possible.

    Having a Record

    If you’ve ever been convicted of a crime, that may be grounds to have your visa application denied. In some cases, depending upon what you’ve been convicted of, you may be able to travel where you like without any trouble. However, some crimes will keep you from ever being able to visit certain countries. To learn more, again, call us up.

    Was Your Visa Denied?

    You can learn more about all the possible reasons why your visa might be denied and what that means by visiting Travel.State.gov and if you’ve had your visa denied for any reason, we’ll give you one guess what you should do.  You’re so smart – contact Swift! In many cases we can help you successfully reapply for a visa before your trip, saving you time and energy. We offer expedited visa services that can help you avoid a lot of the more common mistakes and also get your travel documents in order sooner.

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