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  • wifi abroad on computer

    Tips for Finding WiFi When Traveling Abroad

    wifi abroad on computer

    When you’re in your hometown doing business, WiFi may be something you take for granted. However, it’s something that could easily cause major issues if you’re doing business overseas and suddenly find yourself without it. You have various options when it comes to finding WiFi abroad, with the best option depending on how frequently you’ll need to use it.

    Free WiFi Hotspots

    Free WiFi abroad is an option, although it often involves a bit of planning and may come with an unsecured connection. Good places to look for free WiFi include:

    • Airports, sometimes in particular terminals, or inside VIP lounges
    • Restaurants and coffee shops, which may involve purchasing something so you can sit around and use the WiFi
    • Hotels, often in the lobby or certain areas within the hotel buildings
    • Other businesses and shops that offer WiFi to their customers or shoppers

    Hotel or Business WiFi Options

    Booking a room in a hotel that offers WiFi in individual rooms is a solid option if you need frequent access, but not all overseas hotels offer the service for free. Hotel WiFi services may require a password, although the connection may not be private or secure.

    If you happen to be doing business at overseas business locations, using WiFi at the offices are another possibility. You probably don’t want to ask to sign onto a business’s WiFi, however, unless you already have a relationship and history of trust. Walking into a business to do a sales call, and then asking to log onto its WiFi connection may not go over all that well.

    BYOW (Bring Your Own WiFi)

    If hunting down online coffee shops or relying on a slow and spotty hotel WiFi connection isn’t enough, you can always take it to the next level by bringing your own WiFi. Portable WiFi routers let you set up your personal WiFi connection anywhere you may roam.

    Portable WiFi routers are similar to routers you use at home, although they don’t attach to a hard-wired cable. They instead rely on a SIM card in the interior to establish a wireless connection. Choose a portable WiFi hotspot that’s labeled as “unlocked,” and you can use any SIM card from anywhere across the globe.

    This method lets you choose a local SIM or worldwide SIM, depending on where you’re traveling and the type of rates you’ll receive. Do your research to ensure the portable router you pick has a suitable battery life, is “unlocked” if you want to switch out SIM cards, and comes with features you may need, such as an optional Ethernet connection.

    You also want to make sure it’s compatible with the type of coverage available in the areas where you’ll be traveling.

    Now that you know how to find WiFi abroad, you just want to make sure your passport is up to date, and you’ve secured any business visas you may need to complete your trip. Feel free to contact Swift with any questions. We’re always happy to help!

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