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  • China Reopened Its Borders for Tourism, Here’s What You Should Know

    If you want to travel to China in the near future, you’re in luck. For the first time since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, China has reopened its borders, allowing people to enter for tourism. This news brings hope for those who have wanted to visit the country but haven’t been able to since China implemented strict COVID-related travel restrictions. 

    However, there are still some rules you must follow if you plan on visiting China, including having to test for COVID before entering. It’s important that you are aware of these rules and understand what documents you’ll need so that you don’t run into any unexpected problems during your travels.

    With that being said, here’s everything we think you should know about China reopening its borders for tourism:

    Why Were China’s Borders Closed For Tourism?

    When the coronavirus pandemic started, China closed its borders to foreigners, including for tourism purposes. China closed its borders to try and prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to reduce the number of people coming into the country who were sick with the coronavirus. The borders remained closed for tourists to try and keep the number of coronavirus cases in the country low until they finally reopened in March of 2023.

    When Did China Reopen its Borders For Tourism?

    Almost 3 years after China closed its borders for tourism purposes, the country has finally decided to reopen. On March 15, 2023, China once again started issuing all types of visas, including visas for tourism. This meant that foreigners were allowed to enter the country for tourism purposes (amongst other purposes), ending the closure of China’s borders.

    What Rules and Restrictions Does China Have in Place?

    If you plan on traveling to China, it’s important to note that there are still some rules and restrictions in place that you will need to follow. One of these rules is that you have to take a COVID test 48 hours before your plane departs. Further, when completing your health declaration forms for customs, you’ll need to add in the results you received from the test. If you test positive, you cannot travel to China until you have tested negative.

    What Travel Documents Do I Need to Enter China?

    Before traveling to China, you must obtain all the required travel documents. The first thing that you need is a valid passport. If you have to obtain a passport or passport renewal, we recommend starting the application process immediately, as processing times are taking longer than usual. You’ll also need to get a China visa. There are numerous types of China visas, so make sure you are applying for the right kind of visa based on the purpose of your visit to China.

    What Types of China Visas Are Available?

    There are multiple types of China visas that you can apply for, including a China tourist visa (L Visa). You should apply for an L Visa if you plan to visit China for touring and sightseeing. If you plan on traveling to China for reasons other than tourism, here are the other types of visas that are available:

    • Business Visa (M): An M Visa is issued to those who intend to go to China for commercial and trade activities.
    • Business Visa (F): An F Visa is issued for research, lecture, scientific, technological, and cultural exchanges.
    • Private Visa (S2): An S2 Visa is issued to those who intend to visit their family members who are foreigners working or studying in China or to those who intend to go to China for other private matters such as visiting friends, divorce, inheritance, adoption, marriage or medical services.
    • Crew Visa (C): A C Visa is issued to foreign crew members of means of international transportation, including aircraft, trains, ships, or motor vehicle drivers engaged in cross-border transport activities.
    • Student Visa (X1): An X1 Visa is issued to students who have programs in China lasting more than 6 months.
    • Student Visa (X2): An X2 Visa is issued to students who come to China for study and cultural exchanges for less than 6 months.
    • Work Visa (Z): A Z Visa is issued to those who intend to work in China.

    Is it Difficult to Get a China Visa?

    Obtaining a China can be a difficult process if you try to do it on your own. Luckily, the process is simple when you choose to get a China visa with Swift. Our team of travel experts will do most of the hard work for you so that there is no stress on your shoulders. Further, there’s no need to worry about getting your China visa in time for your trip, as we will monitor your visa’s status and ensure everything is running smoothly.

    How Can I Apply For a China Visa?

    If you need to obtain a China visa, Swift can help! Simply go to our website, complete the China visa application, submit all of the required photos and documents, and let us do the rest. We will review your application and documents and send your visa to you once it has been processed. If you have any questions along the way, please contact us. We look forward to helping you get to your destination!

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