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  • Consider These 5 Companies that Give Back When Shopping this Holiday Season

    With an abundance of travel gifts on the market, how can you possibly choose what to buy? Well, although there are a lot of amazing travel gadgets out there, one thing that we like to take into consideration is the company that we’re purchasing from. Some companies out there give back to good causes when you buy their products, and during the season of giving, it’s essential to support these businesses so that they can continue to help those in need.


    An excellent company to consider when purchasing gifts this year is LifeStraw. Though this company is doing good in so many different ways, one of the most significant ways that they give back is by donating a LifeStraw Community purifier to one school in need for every 500 products sold. Their mission is to provide access to clean water to as many kids as possible, which is so important.

    LifeStraw Gift Guide:

    Conscious Step

    The next company on our list, Conscious Step, connects its customers to a large number of non-profit organizations around the world, and each product you purchase supports a different cause. Simply go to their website and look through the list of causes that you can support. Once you find one that speaks to you, buy it, and Conscious Step will give a portion of the proceeds to that cause. 

    Conscious Step Gift Guide:


    One of our favorite companies to support is Patagonia. For decades, this fantastic company has pledged to donate 1% of its sales to the restoration and preservation of the natural environment. Another great thing about this company is that they allow customers to trade in their Patagonia gear for used Patagonia products, which helps to keep clothing out of landfills. 

    Patagonia Gift Guide:


    Not only does Bombas have stylish apparel, but they do everything that they can to give back to those in need. Although this generous comapny does numerous things to help others, some of the most prominent things they do include donating an item for every item purchased and donating some of the most requested clothing items to homeless shelters. So far, Bombas has donated over 100 million items, which is truly inspirational.

    Bombas Gift Guide:

    Aloha Collection

    The Aloha Collection has so many great gifts that we know your friends and family (and possibly even yourself) are going to love. A lot of the items sold by Aloha Collection are water-resistant, compactable, and easy to clean. But the best part about this company is that their mission is to help preserve the beauty of Hawaii by donating 5% of the company’s profits to Hawaii-based conservation organizations. 

    Aloha Collection Gift Guide:

    These companies are doing extraordinary things to help others, and we would love for you to support them this holiday season. There’s nothing better than getting your loved ones gifts that they’ll love, all while investing in some incredible causes in the process. We hope you have a wonderful holiday season, and if you happen to need a passport or visa for a trip in 2024, our team of travel experts would love to assist you. No matter where you’re going, we’ll get you there.

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