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  • Four Ways to Make the Most of the Location When Hosting a Destination Wedding

    Imagine getting married on a beach in Cyprus, on a sun-soaked hilltop in Tuscany, or even under the midnight sun in Iceland. Modern couples have so many choices when it comes to selecting the perfect location to celebrate their nuptials – the world is literally your oyster.

    As well as providing a beautiful backdrop for your happy day, a destination wedding can mean that you have an excuse to slim down the guest list and only celebrate with your closest friends and family. It becomes a mini-holiday, offering you a chance to spend extended quality time with your guests rather than only saying hello to them briefly at your wedding reception.

    So, how can you make sure you make it out of the hotel and properly embrace your surroundings? Here, we list four easy ways you can make the most of your destination wedding location. 

    Stay in the center of town

    If you want to be in the heart of everything with restaurants and local attractions within easy reach, then make sure to stay in the center of the town or village you’ve chosen. That way, both you and your guests can easily pop out and find something to do, even if you only have a couple of hours. In comparison, staying outside of town might save money, but you’ll all be stuck inside the hotel or will need to hire a car to see the local area.

    If guests are sorting their accommodation, try to connect with people who are staying close to each other before the wedding. It may be that they can pool together to hire a car, saving on costs and giving those who don’t want to drive a chance to explore.

    Hold your wedding meal in a local restaurant

    If you’re a foodie, enjoying the local cuisine is one of the best parts of being on holiday. So what better way to celebrate your newlywed status than holding your wedding meal in a local restaurant? 

    With enough notice, you and your guests should be able to choose from a whole range of dishes, rather than having to face another wedding with just one meat and one vegetarian option. Not only is this more delicious, but it means that fussy eaters will actually eat the food you pay for – and the restaurant can handle any dislikes or allergies. 

    If this sounds appealing, it can be helpful to ask your venue or your hotel if they can recommend anywhere, and if they can organize the meal for you with the restaurant. Whilst there may be an extra charge for this, it’s far easier than trying to deal with translating the menu yourself.

    Create a holiday itinerary for your guests

    Attending a destination wedding as a guest is quite a commitment – aside from the cost, there’s the time off work to consider. As a result, many people use this time as their annual holiday and want to make the most of their time abroad.

    Make sure to recognize this, and don’t require your friends and family to spend all their time with you throughout their stay. Whilst they can do their own research, it can be a nice idea to compile a list of local attractions, places to eat and beaches to visit, and share them with your guests ahead of time. If there’s a sightseeing spot that everyone wants to visit, you could even go as far as organizing taxis or a minibus to take your wedding party on a day trip. 

    Continue the trip for your honeymoon

    One of the benefits of a destination wedding is that you’re already perfectly placed to continue in your bubble of marital bliss for your honeymoon. That doesn’t mean you have to stay in the same place for the entirety of your trip (why not tuck yourself away in a quiet villa?) but it does mean your honeymoon can start as soon as the last of the confetti is thrown. 

    Make sure that you consider this when you’re planning your budget, so there’s money to spend on activities for just you two. Wave your guests off at the airport and set off into the sunset to start your married life together.

    Make something magical

    A destination wedding is the perfect way to create an intimate, unforgettable celebration. Keep your guest list limited to your nearest and dearest, and create memories that will last a lifetime – just like your marriage.

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