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  • International Business Travel Considerations for Stress-Free Trip

    International travel is hectic and demanding, hence the need for proper preparation. A work trip comprises high pressure and a taxing schedule that can affect your diet, exercise, and sleep hours if unmonitored. This can drag you to unhealthy vices like smoking and consuming too much alcohol.

    To mitigate these issues and prioritize your health and well-being, here are tips you can implement for a stress-free trip.

    Prepare All Necessary Documents

    The pandemic reduced travel opportunities worldwide, and your passport and visa may expire without your knowledge. Work with a corporate traveler company for convenience in your document preparations.  The travel company will review your documents and guide you on the next steps. If your passport is expired, renew it early enough. Ideally, the expiration date on your passport should be six months beyond your trip date, but this requirement varies by state. If you do not have a passport, start your application early, as processing may take up to 3 months in the US.

    While inspecting your passport and visa, check for damages, including water damage and missing or torn pages, and replace them. If your trip includes several countries, check the visa requirements and update accordingly. Most visas are easy to acquire online, while you can acquire others at the airport. Whatever your option, get a visa lasting years.

    Review All Your Reservations

    If you want convenience and efficiency for a stress-free trip, you may work with a travel company to help you with your reservations. Usually, the company will book your flights in advance and regularly monitor for schedule changes. Other considerations you will consider include your lodging reservations. Consider a refundable lodging reservation for peace of mind should you want to cancel in the future.

    Check The Weather Before You Travel

    Before traveling, check your destination weather to know what clothes to pack. Also, there may be exceptions, especially if traveling during transitional seasons. Carry warm clothes if traveling to a cold destination; if the weather is sunny, park light outfits for comfort. You can also opt for sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays as you tour your destination.

    Keep Your Travel Documents Safe

    While traveling, you can lose your travel documents to thieves or misplacement. Your travel documents can also damage due to weather elements or leakages on your bag. To keep your documents safe, make at least two copies and store them in different places. Also, have extra copies of your photos that you may need when replacing missing papers and leave them with your family, friend, employer, or local emergency contact.

    How you store your documents also contributes to their safety. Use passport covers, waterproof packets, envelopes, and bags in secure places or close to you to minimize the risk of pickpocketing. When carrying these documents in your bag, conceal them so they are invisible to third parties and will not fall easily when you open your bag.

    Use The Right Credit Card Provider

    Some credit card providers will require you to notify them about your international travel, while some will not. Check with your provider for requirements and applicable charges when away from your state. If your card is inapplicable abroad, leave it at home. It will also help to ask your provider if they have cards acceptable throughout the world.

    Medication And Vaccinations

    If you take medication regularly, ensure you pack enough in your carry-on bag and have enough to last you during your business trip, as you may not always find this prescription abroad. You should also know the requirements of your destination country regarding medication. For instance, some countries require you to carry your medicine in its original container. Others may restrict certain medications, such as sleep aids. If your destination has water issues that may cause tummy problems, consider prescriptions like ciprofloxacin, tums, and Imodium.

    Traveling also requires certain vaccinations, and you can use the Yellow World Health Organization booklet to note your relevant vaccinations. While at this, observe the timelines to avoid delaying your trip.

    Packing Doubles Of Key Items In Carry-On

    Having a backup of your key items is advisable during your business trip. Therefore, carry a change of clothes and personal items like toothpaste, toothbrush, and deodorant if you lose part of your luggage or need to freshen up.

    Use Travel Apps

    Travel apps such as Maps.me will come in handy during your business trip if you are anxious about getting lost. If traveling to a country with a foreign language, use Google Translate to translate the local language to what you can understand. You can also try the Corporate Traveller Serko App, which will help you with real-time updates on flight delays, cancellations, changes, and other relevant information relating to your travel.

    Business travel can be stressful as you combine your business responsibilities with the travel stressors. Early preparation will set you up for a successful trip and grant you confidence if you meet the unexpected. With good preparation, you will be calm and more productive throughout your business trip.

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