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  • The Best Thing I Ever Ate While Traveling: Swift Edition

    Food is something that connects us all, and trying new foods is one of the best parts of traveling. And though there are many tasty foods to try all over the world, there are some meals that are so delicious and memorable that you dream about them for a very long time. Our Swift team is full of foodies who LOVE trying out new cuisines whenever we travel, which is why we wanted to share our experiences and tell you all about the best foods we’ve ever tried while traveling. We are so excited to share our stories and look forward to hearing about the best thing that you’ve ever tasted while traveling.

    The Best Thing I Ever Ate While Traveling: Rob

    I’ve had so many favorite dishes over the years, but have realized that the experience is part of the magic of the food we eat! As far as favorites, there are two that stand out. One New Year’s, we were in Edinburgh, celebrating Hogmanay, as they call it (the last day of the year). On New Year’s Day, we were wide awake early in the morning and went and sought out a proper English Breakfast. Lucky for us, the pub across the street from where we were staying had what we were looking for, and it turned out to be one of the best breakfasts ever. Haggis was served properly with the meal. Seems so basic looking back, and the meal, coupled with the experience and the location, made it an epic meal!

    The other favorite thing I ate was in Bangkok. We were staying in an area that exemplifies the mysteriousness and adventure surrounding Bangkok, a little street called Khaosan Road. It is a backpacker’s ghetto, with hostels, cheap street food, and anything else you can think of. It’s a pretty amazing experience just to walk the street, and one of the most sought-after parts of this street is the food vendors. So much amazing food, including insects (any insect you can think of available on a cart). We tried larvae, dragonflies, and even a scorpion! From street cart Pad Thai to the scorpion, it was hands down one of the coolest experiences ever!

    The Best Thing I Ever Ate While Traveling: Laurie Lee

    The best meal I had was in Roatan, Honduras. I love to travel over Thanksgiving and skip the whole turkey and stuffing ordeal. Thanksgiving 2022, we found ourselves in a completely empty lodge overlooking the ocean. Our meal started with fresh ceviche, and our main course was the catch of the day with beans and rice. It was hands down the best meal we had on that trip! I will give up my Thanksgiving turkey and pumpkin pie any day for an ocean breeze and Ceviche!

    The Best Thing I Ever Ate While Traveling: Twanda

    The best thing I ever ate while traveling was Authentic Jerk Chicken. from The Jerk Shack in Jamaica. The chicken was very tender, juicy, and easy to rip from the bone. This chicken was so delicious that I returned to the jerk shack every day for the remainder of my vacation.

    The Best Thing I Ever Ate While Traveling: Amber

    The best thing I ever ate while traveling was a breakfast charcuterie board in Santorini.  My husband and I honeymooned in Greece, and Santorini just had the most delicious and fresh food. Every morning, we’d have an incredible ensemble of fresh fruit, feta and local cheeses, honeys, breads, olives, and coffee delivered to our room. Waking up to this scrumptious breakfast was one of my favorite things; I’ll never forget what a treat it was. 

    The Best Thing I Ever Ate While Traveling: Alexa

    On my recent trip to Italy, we flew into Florence and had the most incredible pizza at this cute little cafe. My family and I sat down and ordered a few drinks (I opted for a limoncello spritz) and then ordered a few pizzas to split. And let me tell you, we weren’t prepared for how delicious this food was going to be.

    The pizza crust was perfectly puffy and slightly charred from the oven, the mozzarella cheese was nice and gooey, there was prosciutto and basil distributed perfectly on top, and there was even a ball of burrata cheese that we got to cut open and spread across the entire pizza. Since I’ve been back in the USA, pizza has just never tasted the same, and I dream of the day that I get to go back and enjoy this tasty dish once again.

    Trying out new cuisines and unique foods is one of the best parts of visiting different parts of the world. We hope that you enjoyed reading our stories about the best things our team has ever eaten while traveling, and we cannot wait to share more of our favorite travel experiences with you in the future. 

    What is the best thing that YOU have eaten while traveling? Let us know in the comments section!

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