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  • The Philippines Announces E-Visa Program

    It’s going to be a whole lot easier to get to the Philippines, as the country recently announced its new e-Visa program. Currently, those wanting to visit the country have to apply for a traditional visa. But with this new eVisa program, travelers will soon be able to apply for an e-Visa to the Philippines, which will help people save time and money. Ready to learn more? Here’s everything you need to know about the Philippine’s new e-Visa program.

    What is an e-Visa?

    An electronic visa (e-Visa) is an excellent alternative to a traditional visa. E-visas are typically more inexpensive, the application process is usually shorter than a traditional visa, and the entire application process can be completed online. Once your e-Visa application has been processed, your electronic visa will be sent to you digitally instead of in the mail. Overall, the announcement of the new Philippines e-Visa program will make visiting the Philippines a lot easier for travelers. 

    When Can I Apply For a Philippines E-Visa?

    As of now, there is no exact date set for when the new Philippines e-Visa program will launch. Although, we do have a rough idea of when the program could possibly start. According to an article from Phillippine News Agency, the Philippines plans to launch its new e-Visa program sometime in the third quarter of 2023. We will continue to monitor the launch date and update you when we know more.

    How Much Will a Philippines eVisa Cost?

    The cost of an e-visa varies by country and can change from time to time. As of now, we do not know how much the Philippines eVisa will cost, but what we do know is that e-Visa are typically less expensive than traditional visas, making them an affordable option for travelers. As we learn more about the costs of a Philippines e-Visa, we will let you know.

    How Long Will It Take to Get a Philippines E-Visa?

    There are many benefits of obtaining an e-Visa instead of a traditional visa. And maybe one of the most significant benefits is that they usually take a lot less time to obtain than traditional visas. As of now, although we don’t know precisely how long the processing time for a Philippines eVisa will be, most e-Visas take only a few weeks (or less) to process. We expect this to be the case for Philippines e-Visas, too.

    How Can I Apply For a Philippines e-Visa?

    Once the new Philippines e-Visa program goes into effect, you will be able to apply for a Philippines e-Visa on our website. We are a leader in eVisa processing and are excited to start offering electronic visas to the Philippines. Check back here to find out more about when we will be able to begin offering Philippines eVisas. Until then, we can help you obtain an eVisa to numerous other countries, a traditional visa, or a passport. No matter where you’re going, we’ll get you there.

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