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  • The U.S. Department of State Has Updated its Travel Advisory List

    If you’re planning an international trip, you may want to look at the changes that the U.S. Department of State recently made to its travel advisory list. These changes include new travel advisories for 4 destinations around the world, and you must be aware of these updates so that you know what to expect while visiting these destinations. Ready to learn more? Here’s what we think you should know about the U.S. Department of State updating its Travel Advisory List:

    What is the Travel Advisory List?

    The U.S. Department of State has a Travel Advisory List that they update frequently. This list contains over 200 destinations and gives each destination a travel advisory level. These levels range from 1 to 5 and let you know which places are safe to travel to and which places you should avoid. This list is an excellent resource for when you’re planning a trip so that you can see how safe a destination is.

    How Are Travel Advisory Levels Determined?

    The Travel Advisory List uses 4 different travel advisory levels to determine a destination’s overall safety:

    • Level 1: Exercise Normal Precautions
    • Level 2: Exercise Increased Precautions
    • Level 3: Reconsider Travel
    • Level 4: Do Not Travel

    For example, when visiting a “Level 1” destination, you should take standard safety precautions. When visiting a “Level 2” destination, you should take extra precautions for reasons such as crime, civil unrest, or terrorism. A destination listed as “Level 3” you may want to reconsider travel to due to things such as terrorism, kidnapping, and high crime. Finally, a destination listed as “Level 4” is one that the government states that you should not travel to due to things such as armed conflict, terrorism, kidnapping, wrongful detentions, and more. 

    Which Countries Have New Travel Advisories?

    Four countries have new travel advisories that you should be aware of, including Sri Lanka, Ecuador, Maldives, and Nepal. Sri Lanka was issued a level 2 travel advisory, Ecuador was issued a level 2 travel advisory, Maldives was issued a level 2 travel advisory, and Nepal was also issued a level 2 travel advisory. So if you have plans to travel to any of these countries, be aware of your surroundings, and take extra precautions.

    How Can I Stay Safe While Traveling?

    We recommend that you check the Travel Advisory List before planning your trip so that you know what precautions to take while traveling to your destination. Furthermore, some other things that you can do to stay safe while traveling anywhere in the world include:

    • Be Aware of Your Surroundings
    • Make Copies of Your Travel Documents
    • Don’t Walk Around Alone at Night
    • Inform Your Loved Ones of Your Travel Plans
    • Do Your Research Ahead of Time

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