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  • Top 10 Things to Do Before Traveling for Work



    – Preparing ahead of time can ensure a smooth and successful business trip.

    – Ensure that your passport is valid and that you obtain any business visas you need.

    – Make copies of your travel documents and keep them secure.


    Going on a business trip requires a lot of preparation. From researching your destination to ensuring that all of your travel documents are valid, it can be challenging to keep track of everything that you need to do before embarking on your trip. But with some careful planning and attention to detail, you can transform your business trip into a valuable opportunity for professional growth and networking. Ready to learn more? Here are the top 10 things you should do before traveling for work to feel less stressed and more prepared to take your business trip.

    Top 10 Things to Do Before Traveling For Work

    1. Check That Your Passport is Valid

    More companies have been sending their employees on international business trips in recent years. However, we have found that many people make the mistake of not checking the expiration date of their passports, which can lead to them having to delay their trip or cancel it altogether. To avoid this happening to you, make sure to check and see if your passport is valid. 

    Look for the expiration date on your passport’s information page and see when it is set to expire. If your passport is going to expire within 6 months from the date you are leaving the United States, you should consider renewing it. The earlier you can renew your passport, the better, and the less stress you’ll have on your shoulders. You can renew your passport today by visiting the Swift Passport and Visa Services website.

    2. Get the Appropriate Visas

    When traveling internationally, you must check if you’ll need a visa to conduct business in another country. Often, you will have to get a business visa before leaving for your trip, and it can take some time to go through the application process and get your visa. This is why we recommend applying for any visas you need as soon as you know when you are leaving the country to ensure that you have enough time to receive them.

    If you need help getting a business visa for your trip or are curious whether you’ll need one, visit the Swift Passport and Visa Services website. Here, you can begin the visa application process and see which countries we offer visas for. We make the application process simple so that you can focus on preparing everything else that you need for your business trip. 

    3. Make a List of Important Documents and Electronics You’ll Need

    Staying organized is key, especially when going away on business. This is especially true when bringing all of the documents and electronics you’ll need for a successful trip. To ensure that you are ready to leave and have everything, make a list of all the essential items you need. Any item necessary to making your business trip go smoothly should be on that list, and you can then check that list a day or two before leaving for the airport for peace of mind in knowing that you have everything you need.

    4. Pack the Proper Attire

    Dressing for success is a very important part of having a successful business trip, and you’ll want to pack the proper attire for all the events you’ll be attending while away. For example, you’ll probably need business attire for meetings and any conferences you’re attending, business casual attire for company dinners, and clothing to wear while relaxing at your hotel or exploring the city. Try to pack only what you need and avoid overpacking if possible.

    5. Research Your Destination

    You’ll also want to research the area that you’re traveling to so that you know what to expect while you’re there. If you aren’t sure what to look up, some of the things you may want to know about your destination include the weather (including the average temperature and rainfall), where certain places are in proximity to your hotel, and how to get around, amongst other things. When in doubt, search the internet for any questions you have about your destination so that you feel comfortable when you arrive.

    6. Download Helpful Mobile Apps

    Mobile apps have become an essential part of traveling for many people, as they can be beneficial. So, before heading to the airport, sit down and take some time to look for apps you can use while on your business trip. If you aren’t sure where to begin, here are a few of our favorite mobile apps to download for business travel:

    7. Prepare For Important Meetings

    Giving a presentation in front of people you don’t know that well can be nerve-wracking, and your nerves will only be worse if you don’t prepare for these meetings ahead of time. The good news is that practicing and rehearsing your presentation before leaving on your trip can reduce your stress and gain confidence, knowing you will do an excellent job.

    8. Make Sure Your Phone Will Work Internationally

    If you are traveling internationally for business, you need to contact your cellular phone provider and get information about if your mobile phone will work while away. You’ll most likely need to contact people by calling or texting them while away, and you may even need to use your mobile phone to get directions. Some phone carriers charge extra to use your device while traveling internationally, and you’ll want to know what you’re getting into to avoid racking up unexpected charges.

    9. Create an Itinerary

    The odds are that your days will be pretty jampacked while you are away. Between meeting with people and attending business dinners, you need to know exactly what your schedule will be to avoid missing out on any important events. This is where creating an itinerary can come in handy. Use your mobile device or a piece of paper to write down everything you’ll be doing while away, and if you would like, fill in any gaps with sightseeing or taking some time to relax and unwind.

    10. Make Copies of Your Travel Documents

    Last but not least, if you travel internationally, ensure you have copies of all your essential travel documents, including your passport and any visas you had to obtain. This way, if you end up misplacing any of these documents, you’ll have an easier time obtaining new documents at the consulate. Another thing to remember when at your destination is to store your travel documents inside your hotel safe so that you know where they are at all times.

    Efficient preparation is a huge part of having a successful business trip and ensuring a seamless travel experience. Following these 10 tips can alleviate any stress and concerns that you may have, enabling you to concentrate on preparing for important meetings or conferences awaiting you during your time away. We hope you now have more clarity on what to do before your next business trip and feel more confident embarking on your journey.

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