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  • Travel Trends to Look Forward to in 2024

    As 2024 unfolds, exciting travel trends promise to shape the landscape of tourism. In previous years, ecotourism was one of the most prominent trends for travelers worldwide. Country & Town House reports that from 2018 to 2023, there was a 68% increase in Google Searches for ecotourism as more travelers looked for experiences that were highly localized and meaningful. Other trends like stronger link-ups between technology and travel are similarly reaching new heights, enhancing convenience during the planning and execution of trips.

    In this article, we’ll be discussing these travel trends and more. So, buckle up for a year where conscious, tech-savvy, and immersive travel experiences take center stage.

    5 Travel Trends to Look Forward to in 2024

    Slow Travel

    The concept of slow travel isn’t new, but it gained a lot of momentum after 2020 as people sought more purposeful experiences rather than merely collecting passport stamps for bragging rights. A Men’s Journal article found that 85% of respondents in a 2023 America Express study wanted to visit a destination to truly immerse themselves in the local culture. Meanwhile, another 78% were interested in going on vacations that supported local communities. According to Horizon Guide editor Matthew Barker, he’s also seen a 400% increase in interest in slow travel journeys since 2019, with more people prioritizing itineraries that don’t require internal flights. Since slow travel is also rooted in sustainable practice, travelers are opting for less environmentally impactful activities like hiking, biking, and trekking.

    Sustainable Travel Essentials

    The rise of sustainable travel has likewise influenced what people bring on their trips. In the past five years, growing climate change concerns have led to a 71% uptick in online searches for sustainable goods globally. A TR Business piece notes that such sentiments have extended to travel essentials like sunglasses. Fortunately, sustainable sun protection is now well within reach. Major eyewear label Ray-Ban is expanding its innovative offerings of biodegradable frames. Always at the forefront of eyewear trends, sunglasses from Ray-Ban, like the iconic Mega Wayfarers and Corrigan frames, are now more earth-friendly. These bio-based models have lenses composed of at least 40% biological content from renewable sources like castor oil, making them a sustainable option for globetrotters while offering the same premium quality the brand is known for.

    Carry-Ons Over Checked Bags

    After 2023’s air-mageddon, the term coined for thousands of flight cancellations and lost baggage nightmares from the surge of air travelers and ill-equipped airport systems, passengers have learned their lesson. The convenience of avoiding check-in lines and the potential for lost luggage is why more are picking carry-ons over checked ags. Additionally, the rise of budget airlines with strict baggage policies has fueled the trend, as carry-ons often enable passengers to avoid additional fees associated with checking in their luggage. To boost convenience and sustainability, check out the carry-ons from Atlantic, which are made of post-consumer recycled plastic bottles. They’re also ultra-durable and have expansion options to maximize space. To maximize the space, frequent traveler Katherine Johnsen recommends packing tips like focusing on a capsule wardrobe, rolling t-shirts instead of folding, and filling shoes with socks or smaller items to make the most of your carry-on’s space.

    Faster Immigration Processes

    An overhaul of passport checking processes is finally underway, promising shorter lines at the airport. Countries around the world are modernizing travel by circulating passports bearing chips with biometric data. Recently, these passports have been made mandatory in Pakistan. Biometric technologies like this are expected to facilitate a smoother travel experience. With biometric fingerprinting and facial recognition, checking-in and security screenings can be done without physical documents, which reduces wait times and speeds up the overall process. Such technologies are already being used in major travel hubs like London Heathrow Airport and Singapore’s Changi Airport, which ranked number one on Skytrax’s list of top 100 airports in 2023.

    Streamlined Mobile Bookings

    A US Travel Study observed in a survey that 48% of mobile users are comfortable researching, planning, and booking an entire trip to a new travel destination using only their smartphone. As such, online travel booking platforms have been streamlining mobile bookings to make the process easier. On platforms such as Kayak, travel enthusiasts can book hotel stays, rental cars, train and bus tickets, and travel experiences all in one place. However, this is not without its downsides. Travel experts are noticing that having a middleman can make airlines and hotels harder to get in touch with for re-bookings and cancellations. They instead recommend using aggregators as a starting point for comparing prices and then booking directly with the provider.

    With these trends guiding our adventures, the world awaits, inviting us to embark on a journey of conscientious and rewarding travel in 2024.

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