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  • 2023 Holiday Travel Could Set Records

    Believe it or not, we are nearing the end of 2023, which means that the holidays are just around the corner. And if you have traveled during the holidays in the past, you know how hectic it can be. Millions of people travel each year during November and December to see their loved ones, and this year will be no different.

    In fact, holiday travel this year could potentially set records as a considerable number of people will once again prepare to travel to see their friends and family. So, what could that mean for you and your travel plans this holiday season, and how many people are expected to travel during the end of 2023? Here’s everything we think you should know.

    How Many People Will Travel This Holiday Season?

    Millions of people across the globe will travel this holiday season to see their loved ones. In fact, according to Bankrate, 48% of U.S. adults plan to take a trip during November or December, which is up from 43% in 2022. Although some of those people will be taking vacations during this time, most of those people will be traveling to go and visit their friends and family.

    How Much Does it Cost to Travel During the Holidays?

    Traveling during the holidays isn’t cheap, and it seems to keep getting more expensive as the years go on. Unfortunately, the price tag on holiday travel isn’t going to decrease during this holiday season either. Those who plan on traveling in the upcoming months can expect to pay 12% more on average (about $512) than last year, according to Travel + Leisure.

    Where Do Most People Go During the Holidays?

    Although some people travel to go on vacations during the holidays, an even greater number of people travel to go and visit their family and friends. And many of these people tend to travel domestically rather than internationally. According to Travel + Leisure, nearly 60% of Americans will travel within their state this holiday season, while only 18% of Americans will travel internationally. Of those who will be traveling internationally, some popular destinations will include Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean.

    What Are the Busiest Travel Days During the Holidays?

    The holidays are going to be extremely busy this year, especially when it comes to travel. But what days will be the most hectic? Well, believe it or not, the three most busy travel days of the year are all around Thanksgiving. According to this article by AFAR, the 3 most busy travel days are the Sunday after Thanksgiving and the Tuesday and Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

    How Can I Get a Passport For My Holiday Travels?

    The holidays are coming up fast, which means that you should apply for your passport as soon as possible if you want to get it in time for your trip. To start the passport application process, please go to our website. The application is quick and easy to complete, and our team of travel experts will ensure that everything goes smoothly. Further, please contact a member of our team if you need any help or have any questions. No matter where you plan on going, we’ll get you there.

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