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  • travel to cuba

    6 Things to Do When you Finally Travel To Cuba

    travel to cuba

    Now that travel from the US to Cuba is again a reality, it’s time to really put that trip on your calendar. We’re serving up a little extra incentive to book that trip by outlining six of the most magnificent activities to do in Cuba that’ll be sure to lure you in.

    Lounge on Breathtaking Beaches

    As a Caribbean Island nation, Cuba is stocked with a bounty of breathtaking beaches. Varadero Beach is probably the most famous, featuring a 12-mile stretch of sleek white sand coupled with a cavalcade of caves and coral reefs. Varadero Beach is about 87 miles east of Havana, and a bevy of other beaches are even closer to the capital, accessible by shuttle bus.

    Go for a Scuba Dive (or Five)

    It only makes sense that a land enriched with so many beaches would feature sensational scuba diving as one of its top activities. A number of resorts are ideal for scuba diving fans, with a close proximity to some of the hottest underwater exploration spots. Some are in Varadero Beach, of course, and you’ll find others in Santiago de Cuba, Cayo Santa Maria, Cayo Coco and other beachfront regions.

    Absorb Historic Old Havana

    Although Havana has grown into a sprawling city with more than 2 million residents since its founding in 1519, the city center of Old Havana has retained its historic charm. Enjoy an eclectic mix of neoclassical and Baroque architecture, an array of delightful private homes with wrought-iron touches, and no fewer than five large and distinctly unique plazas. Old Havana sits within the original city walls, and you’ll also catch a glimpse of the complex system of fortresses that once protected the interior.

    Sip on Mojitos


    Mojitos were born in Havana and are made with white rum, sugar cane, lime juice, soda water, and mint. With all of these ingredients found fresh on the island, its likely your mojito will be the best you’ve had. Sip on these during the long, warm days and watch your stress disappear.

    Meander around El Malecon

    You haven’t experienced the true brilliance of a Cuban sunset unless you’ve experienced it at El Malecon. El Malecon translates to “the pier,” and the area consists of a restored waterfront walkway and road along the northern coastline of Havana. Walking the 4-mile stretch that leads from the fortress known as Castillo de San Salvador to the business district of Vedado definitely counts as one of the prime activities to do in Cuba, and you can even hop on a horse-drawn carriage or in a taxi if you don’t want to walk.

    Hike to Amazing Heights

    Hiking is another one of the most pleasurable activities to do in Cuba, and you have plenty of places to do so. The country’s highest peak of Pico Turquino sits in the Oriente’s Sierra Maesta range, towering some 6,400 feet above sea level and affording you a spectacular view. Other alluring hiking areas include the peaks above the Embalse Hanabanilla reservoir and the Vinales and Sierra del Rosario areas of Pinar Del Rio province.

    Ready to get packing yet? Keep in mind you’ll still need a Cuba visa to enter the country, and also don’t forget to take along your swimsuit, hiking shoes, and a supreme sense of adventure. Feel free to contact Swift with any additional questions; we’re always happy to help!

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