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  • best airport lounges in the world

    The 5 Best Airport Lounges in the World

    best airport lounges in the world

    Long layovers don’t have to be tedious and tiresome when you’ve got a lineup of the best airport lounges in the world at your service. We’d love to say we’ve visited each of these luxurious lounges in person, but we instead did our research to provide our rundown on the top five.

    Gaining Entry to the Best Airport Lounges in the World

    No matter how glorious the best airport lounges in the world may be, none of them will do you any good unless you can gain access to them. Buying a first-class or business-class ticket is typically the best way to get into airport lounges, although you can try a few other strategies if you’re flying economy.

    • Get a day pass: Some airlines offer day passes for their lounges, with international day passes sold online at LoungePass.com.
    • Go for airline club membership: Airline club membership fees typically run around $400 to $550 per year, and club membership awards you access to available alliance club lounges. This strategy can work if you’re always flying with the same airline.
    • Go for worldwide lounge membership: If you rarely stick to a single airline, try a lounge membership that’s valid for a variety of airlines. Check out purchase options at PriorityPass.com.
    • Opt for an independently-owned lounge: Not all snazzy lounges are owned by airlines. Public lounges are an option in some airports, and their amenities can match or even exceed those found in airline-owned lounges. A daily entrance fee is all you need to gain access, with rates varying by location.

    Best Independent Airport Lounge

    Customers voted Plaza Premium Lounge as the winner for the best independent airport lounges in the world. Along with food, drink, recharging stations, super-speed Wi-Fi, and internet workstations, you can enjoy shower rooms and amazingly comfy seating. Top honors went to the Plaza Premium Lounge locations in Heathrow and Hong Kong International Airport.

    Best Refined Experience

    Mix a striking layout with restaurant service, showers, and napping options, and you have some of the top features of Lufthansa First Class Terminal airport lounge in Frankfurt. Additional amenities include a bar with extensive alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink options, as well as a cigar lounge. One more perk? You can ask for, and receive, a rubber duck for your shower.

    Best Personalized Experience

    Hang out at Thai Airways Royal Orchid First Class Lounge and Spa in Bangkok, and you can expect a thoroughly personalized and enjoyable experience. You get your very own escort who helps you through check-in, immigration, or traveling to and from the lounge in an at-your-service golf cart.

    Best First-Class and Business-Class Lounges

    Cathay Pacific in Hong Kong nabs honors for two of the best airport lounges in the world for both its first-class and business-class lounges. Shower suites, a noodle bar, massage services, buffets, a health bar, cabanas, and relaxation rooms are just some of the options available throughout their collection of luxury lounges.

    Now that you know where you’ll get the most exclusive lounge services, all you need to do is make sure your bags are packed, your tickets are in hand, and your passport is current and ready to go. Happy travels from all of us here at Swift!

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