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  • Vietnam Business Visas

    Getting Your Vietnam Business Visa

    Vietnam Business Visas

    Vietnam is a vibrant country with several strong business industries. Different areas of the country focus on agriculture, marine economy, ship building, technology, manufacturing, finance, and more. Many of our clients partner with companies in Vietnam, and we help them make their business travel to Vietnam simpler and less stressful with our business visa service.

    Four options are currently available for US travelers looking to do business in Vietnam. You can apply for a one-month or a three-month visa, and either option is available as a single entry or a multiple entry visa. To save on costs, it makes sense to choose the lowest level visa that suits your needs. That said, if you’re not sure how your business plans will develop, the three-month multiple entry visa is probably the way to go.

    The requirements for Vietnam business visas are relatively straightforward. Here’s what you will need:

    • A valid US passport. Your passport should have at least two blank pages, not including the last two pages in the book. Your passport should also have at least six months of validity remaining. If it doesn’t, contact us right away about an expedited passport renewal.
    • A Vietnam visa application. You can fill out this application online here. Make sure to fill out every section accurately and sign and date the application to avoid any delays.
    • Two passport photos. The photos should have been taken within the last six months. You can get your photos taken at many post offices, pharmacies, and FedEx offices. You can also take the picture yourself, as long as you are careful to abide by the passport photo requirements.
    • A letter of intent from a US company. Your business letter of intent should be written by the US-based company that you work for. It should describe your planned trip and the business activities you’ll be pursuing in Vietnam. The letter should also specify the type of visa you’ll be seeking. To see a good example of a letter of intent, click here.
    • A letter of authorization. If you’d like us to obtain a business visa on your behalf, we’ll have you sign a letter of authorization that simply says you’ve empowered us to act on your behalf.

    Once all of your materials are together, we can obtain a Vietnam business visa for you in as little as two business days. Learn more about our visa services by contacting the Swift team today!

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