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  • best places to visit in russia

    The 4 Best Places to Visit in Russia

     best places to visit in russia

    Whether you’re traveling to Russia for business or pleasure, you’ll find a few spots full of incredible history, culture, and some of the world’s best shopping. While many cities in Russia offer an authentic look at life in the country, we’ve narrowed our list down to the four best places to visit when you travel to Russia.


    best places to visit in russia moscow

    Moscow is a fascinating mix of history, culture, and the world’s largest community of billionaires. The city itself has blossomed into a massive metropolis, boasting high-end restaurants, world-class shopping, and a thriving nightlife.

    If dining, shopping, and dancing the night away isn’t enough of a thrill while you’re in Moscow, you can always pay a visit to its alluring museums, or catch a ballet or symphony orchestra performance. Additional attractions not to miss include the mighty Kremlin and spectacular Red Square.

    The Golden Ring

    best places to visit in russia golden ring

    Head just northeast of Moscow and you’ll find the Golden Ring, an enchanting region of Russia comprised of a ring of ancient cities that can give you the sensation of stepping back in time. The traditional way to tour the towns is to make a counter-clockwise circle that starts and ends in Moscow.

    You’ll travel through seven different cities, each showcasing its own version of old-world charm. Take in the stone churches, adorable cottages, medieval fortresses, and other historic architecture against a backdrop of the breathtaking countryside. Your top activity here is to let yourself float back in time, enjoying the ambiance and ancient arts that have survived for centuries.

    St. Petersburg

    best places to visit in russia st petersburg

    While its official modern name is Leningrad, most folks still refer to Russia’s second-largest city by its original name of St. Petersburg. This former capital of Russia is a current hub of culture and history, boasting more than 200 museums, 2,000 libraries, and dozens of theaters. You can also find an array of chic cafes, underground nightclubs, and avant-garde art galleries that showcase the city’s edgier side.

    The city’s historic center is another must-see attraction, featuring a network of canals lined with monumental architecture. A visit to the Russian Museum and the Hermitage can go on your agenda, as can a trek down the city’s main thoroughfare of Nevsky Prospekt for the ultimate in shopping and dining pleasures.


    best places to visit in russia kazan

    With a major overhaul in 2014, Kazan makes the list of the best places to visit in Russia. Claims to fame for this capital of the Republic of Tatarstan include a multitude of historic sites, including the Kazan Kremlin. Here you’ll find dazzling churches, stately watchtowers, and a collection of museums.

    Head to the main pedestrian street, Bauman Street, and you can enjoy a delightful array of boutiques, restaurants, bars, and cafes for shopping and dining or simply kicking back to absorb the lively atmosphere.

    Adding any of these four places to your list of places to visit in Russia can provide a closer look at Russia’s history and culture, not to mention some of the country’s top shopping spots. So grab your passport, obtain a Russian business visa, and book your flight today. Feel free to contact the team at Swift with any questions you may have before your trip.


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