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    No Visa? No Problem! Top Countries Americans Can Visit without a Visa

    expedited visa services

    Citizens of the United States are fortunate to have one of the strongest passports in the world. Not the strongest, contrary to popular belief. There are actually several countries whose citizens are able to travel visa-free to more countries than Americans can. But even so, we’re currently able to travel to more than 160 countries with no visa. So if you’re wondering where you can travel without a visa, the short answer is “most places.”

    Here are a few of our favorite destinations that you can get to with just your trusty passport.

    1. Canada & Mexico

    Our neighbors to the north and south often get overlooked by US travelers who don’t have family or business in either country, but both of our North American pals have some amazing travel opportunities for romantics, adventurers, and sportsmen.

    Up in Canada, Montreal is considered the Paris of the west. Vancouver is one of the friendliest places you’ll ever visit. And British Columbia has some of the most beautiful mountain-scapes anywhere in the world.

    Mexico has been in the news a lot lately with all of the issues at the Mexican/American border. And while some states in Mexico are actually incredibly dangerous, most of the country is friendly, warm, and full of culture and life. Mexico City, for example, has amazing museums, food, and nightlife. And many coastal towns in Baja let you enjoy luxury and relaxation plus the chance to swim with whale sharks!

    1. Europe – All of It

    We know, that’s pretty broad. But it’s so hard to pick out just one or two countries worth visiting in the European Union, especially when US citizens can visit every one of them without a visa. If you can manage to get two weeks or more of vacation, one of the best trips you can ever take is a railway trip through Europe. Plot an eastern or a western course and see country after country while traveling in comfort with the ease of a single monetary system and English speakers/signage all over the place.

    1. Japan

    China is one of the few countries that does require US citizens to have a visa, and the visa process can be a bit of a hassle (but don’t worry – we can help you with that). Other Asian countries have e-Visas that are affordable and easy to get, like Thailand. But if you insist on only taking trips without a visa — because that’s your thing and you don’t have to explain yourself to anyone – then you should definitely consider a trip to Japan.

    Japan is one of the most culturally unique countries in the world, especially from an American perspective. The cross-sections of western style and eastern religion, refined tastes and complete zaniness fill Japan with unbelievable surprises around every corner. Make time to visit some of the bigger cities, like Tokyo, but also be sure to get out into the country and experience the astounding natural beauty of this country.

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