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  • Big Change Announced for India Visas

    Big Change Announced for India Visas

    If you’re planning to visit India anytime in the near future, you’ll want to make sure you obtain your Indian visa well in advance. New changes are being implemented in the way that US citizens obtain India visas, and the changes are going to cause major delays, probably for quite some time.

    India VisaUp until July 1st, 2013, if you wanted to visit India, you could obtain a visa through Travisa Outsourcing, a US-based private contractor working with the Indian Embassy and Consulates.  You could easily apply for visas in-person or by mail through Travisa Outsourcing and have your tourist or business visa in hand within a reasonable amount of time. Now, however, you’ll have to go through BLS International, an India-based firm. The switch to BLS International is certain to make the visa process longer due to the distance, and officials expect there to be significant delays as part of the transition process, as well.

    If you have an application for a visa to India that is currently being processed, you may want to check in with BLS International to make sure that they have received all of your information and that your visa is still being handled. BLS International and Travisa Outsourcing are doing their best to make the transition smooth, but a switch from a US-based firm to an India-based one will certainly have its share of hiccups.

    If your application is currently being processed or if you need a new visa right away, check out these frequently asked questions in order to learn more about the transition.  This FAQ page addresses many of the questions travelers have on their minds about the recent changes and provides very helpful information. 

    Requirements to Stay the Same for Indian Visas

    It’s important to note that BLS international says that the requirements for obtaining a visa are not changing. At least not yet. Once the transition is complete, the Indian Embassy might make changes, but as for now, everything remains the same except for who is processing your visa.

    To learn more about the requirements for Indian visas or to speak with a visa specialist about the processing changes, contact Swift Passport Services today.  Our team can provide you with information as to how your India visa will be processed from here on out and help you expedite the process as much as possible. However, be aware that there will be delays getting India visas for quite some time. If you’re planning to visit India in the next year or so and have not yet obtained your visas, it is highly recommended that you act quickly to help ensure that your travel documents are in order well before the date of your trip!

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