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  • Vietnam Visa

    Online Vietnam Visas Are Here

    Vietnam Visa

    Gone are the days that you need to turn over your passport to obtain a Vietnam Visa.  Swift now offersa solution for travelers who would rather not send in their passport to get a visa.  This is an excellent solution for travelers who may already be in Cambodia, Laos, or Thailand and decide last minute they want to go to Vietnam.  It is also convenient for last minute trips, because we can get the visa in 4-8 hours if necessary. This new process can be completed in 3 easy steps:

    1. Email Swift Passport Services a scan of the information page of your passport, a completed application form, and an orderform indicating how quickly you need the visa 
    2. Swift Passport Services will apply for your visa using the items above, and email you an approval letter. 
    3. Upon arrival in Vietnam, present your passport, the approval letter, and 2 passport type photos to the visa agent.  You will be charged $25 for a single entry visa, or $50 for a multiple entry visa upon arrival. 

    We hope you and/or your company benefit from this efficient process.  We know it isn’t always possible to part with your passport and hope this simplifies your travel plans to Vietnam!

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