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  • Travel to Brazil Olympics

    Despite Brazil’s Olympic Challenges, the Country Really Isn’t So Bad

    Travel to Brazil OlympicsBrazil got a bit of a tough rap in the coverage leading up to the Olympics. Okay, more than “a bit.” They had trouble with their waterways, trouble with some of their hotels, and there is an ongoing problem with Zika that kept more than a few athletes away. But ultimately, the Olympics turned out to be a great success, and despite some less than ideal conditions, most people will be able to walk away from the Olympics in Rio with a lot of fond memories. (Excluded from this group are some of our more notorious swimmers.)

    If you didn’t make it out to Brazil for the Olympics, there are still a lot of good reasons to travel to Brazil this year and in the future. Yes, you’ll need to obtain a Brazil travel visa once again, whether you’re visiting for business or pleasure. But our team can help you get your visa in a matter of days if need be. Demand for Brazil visas isn’t currently exceptionally high, so you should be able to get yours in a matter of weeks if you go it alone or in as little as one business day if you apply through us. (Give us a call to learn current wait times.)

    Why Travel to Brazil?

    Well, for one thing, now that the Olympics are done you can check out the remains of all the cool stadiums, racetracks, and arenas. It’s become a global tradition that Olympic host cities maintain their sporting centers so that people can come see where all the action took place and perhaps even stand in the same places where their favorite athletes took home the gold.

    Brazil also boasts a vibrant and varied culture that simply shouldn’t be missed. Brazilians are known to be extroverts, so if you come here you can expect to be greeted with kisses on your cheeks, even from complete strangers. You should also expect to find an amazing party scene, beautiful beaches, and lively cities. Though the country is obviously expansive, nearly two-thirds of the population lives on or near the coast. If you want to explore the Amazon, one of the nation’s biggest cities lies deep within the jungle along the Amazon River.

    With the Olympics over, you’re likely to find great travel deals throughout Brazil, whether you’re looking for a quiet beach vacation or an adventurous Amazon tour. Try to plan your trip around local cultural celebrations to see what it really means to party like a Brazilian, and remember to visit the local juice bars for some of the most amazing beverages you’ll taste in your life.

    If you’re ready to apply for a Brazil travel visa, contact Swift today. We’re available to answer your questions and help you have a stress-free travel experience.

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