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    4 Business Travel Essentials to Make Your International Trip a Breeze


    One of the biggest thrills of business travel is not necessarily the meetings you’re in, but the gadgets that get to come with you. The world of business travel essentials keeps growing, with a steady stream of spectacular products to make your trip a breeze. Here are our recommendations for four business travel essentials to pack on your next international trip.

    Durable yet Collapsible Travel Water Bottle

    We’re not sure which is worse: lugging a cumbersome empty water bottle through airport security and beyond, or a collapsible water bottle that collapses before you’re even done drinking. Either way, we found the ideal travel water bottle solution with the Nomander Collapsible Water Bottle.

    This 22-ounce bottle ranks as best-of-class for its stabilizing collar that ensures it doesn’t collapse mid-drink. The durable silicon bottle rolls up when you’re done, looping around your wrist or packing neatly in a bag for easy carry. A leak-proof cap, wide mouth for easy filling, and dishwasher-safe material add even more perks.

    Incredibly Adaptable Travel Adapter

    Whether you’re heading to Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, or New Zealand, the Uppel Travel Adapter is likely to have you covered. The small yet highly versatile adapter adjusts to fit electrical outlets in 150 different countries.

    If that’s not enough to put it at the top of the business travel essentials list, the device also has two USB ports, allowing you to use and charge multiple devices at the same time.

    Optimum Object Retention System

    Sick of digging through pockets and bags searching for those items you need to keep close at hand? Then make Grid-It one of your business travel essentials. Officially known as an object retention system, this gadget organizer consists of a grid made of rubberized, woven elastic that lets you organize, transport, and store any number of items.

    Load it up with your smartphone, chargers, notepads, pens, wallet, sunglasses, and passport, then slip it in your tote and go. The variety of sizes gives the Grid-It an edge over similar systems, as does the lineup of five-star reviews.

    Collapsible Carry-On Luggage

    We fell in love with the Barracuda Carry-On when we first wrote about it on our innovative luggage blog post. Business travel demands a versatile, convenient, and durable carry-on bag, and this suitcase has it all.

    This bag is our preferred luggage for several reasons. It’s a smart bag with a concealed USB charging port, and the bag’s battery can be removed for travel where smart bags are banned. It collapses for storage, features a 360-degree ergonomic handle for easy handling, and comes with a built-in laptop tray that lets you work wherever you are.

    Stock up on these gadgets, and your next business trip may be the most efficient one you’ve taken yet. Just don’t forget to renew your passport and obtain any business visas you may need before your trip. Contact Swift with any questions you may have!

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