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  • business visa requirements

    What Documents Are Required For Business Visas?

    business visa requirements

    Heading out of the country for business comes with a host of things that need your attention, and one of those things is business visa requirements. While individual countries often have their variations on the documents needed for a business visa, some documents are the same across the board, regardless of the country you’re visiting.

    Below you’ll find a list of documents you’ll need for a business visa to visit any country, along with a few examples of additional documents required for some of the most common business destinations.

    Business Visa Requirements: Any Country

    For any country that requires a business visa, you’ll need the documents outlined below.

    • Valid passport: Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months beyond your expected departure. Also, make sure you have at least two blank visa pages in your passport other than the last two pages of your passport.
    • Visa application or request form: Each country has its own visa application or request form, which you can access and fill out online. Applications can typically be found at the consulate’s website. Sign and date the application as required.
    • Two passport photos: As per passport photo standards, the photos must have a white background, have the subject facing forward, be taken within the last six months, and be 2-inches square.

    If Swift or another third party services will be submitting your visa application for you, you’ll also need a letter of authorization that permits a third party to submit documents or your behalf. You can find Swift’s letter of authorization online.

    Business Visa Requirements: Specific Countries

    You may need to obtain additional documents to fulfill business visa requirements for different countries. All countries require the documents outlined above, and we’ve included additional requirements mandated by the popular destinations of Brazil, China, India, Russia, and Vietnam.


    • Copy of valid ID: Photocopy and submit both sides of a valid driver’s license or state ID.
    • Business letter of invitation from the host company in Brazil: The Brazilian company with which you will be doing business during your travels needs to send you a detailed letter on company letterhead. The letter must be signed by management in charge of the department you’ll be in contact with and contain specific information on the person’s job description and position, dates, and locations of planned meetings, assignments and activities, any financial responsibility of the trip, and details surrounding your requested visa.
    • Business letter of intent from the company in U.S.: Submit a letter from a U.S.-based company that provides details about your expected business activities, requested visa, and overall trip.
      Proof of travel: A copy of your plane ticket, flight confirmation, or reservation is required.


    • Copy of passport information page: Submit a photocopy of the information page in your passport.
    • Business letter of invitation from China: You need a letter from a person, agency, or company in China with which you’ll be conducting business while overseas. The letter must bear an official stamp, known as a chop.


    • Copy of valid ID: Photocopy and submit both sides of a valid driver’s license or state ID.
    • Business letter of invitation from the host company in India: You’ll need a letter from the company with which you will be doing business in India. It must be on company letterhead, include the company address, and be signed by management. The letter must also include:
      • Your Indian contact’s job description and position
      • Description of your assignment and planned purpose of visit
      • Locations and dates of meetings while you’re in India
        Details on your requested visa and summary of all future trips
      • The Indian company’s moral and financial responsibility for the trip
    • Host company documentation: The articles of incorporation or business license from your host company must be submitted.
    • Business letter of intent: An original letter bearing an original signature is required from the U.S.-based company with which you’re affiliated. Include information on your requested visa, timeline and nature of business in India, and your full name and title. Use company letterhead.
    • Additional particulars form: You can fill out this form online, and then print, sign and submit it with your application.
    • Other visa processing forms: The Indian Consulate may request additional forms on an as-needed basis. If you’re using a third-party service, you’ll need to submit a miscellaneous visa processing form to allow the third party to submit additional forms if needed.


    • Business letter of invitation: If you’re applying for a Russian business visa that’s valid for less than 12 months, you’ll need an official invitation from the Foreign Ministry in Russia. Visas valid for one year require a letter from either the Foreign Ministry or the Russia-based company with which you’ll be conducting business. Visas valid for more than one year, the letter must come from the company in Russia.


    • Business letter of intent: A letter from a U.S.-based company is required. It must include details on your planned business activities, the type of visa you’re requesting, the number of entries you plan to make, and the dates and duration of your trip.

    Making sure you have all the documents required to obtain a business visa is no small task, and it’s imperative you pay strict attention to detail. Missing documentation can delay visa processing. Please feel free to contact Swift with any questions; we’re always happy to help!

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    1. After obtaining business visa from chinese embassy, any requirements for Philippine Immigration from the airport?

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