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  • street food in india

    5 Best Street Food Dishes in India

    street food in india

    Traveling to India on business can be a real treat, in more ways than one. Not only will you be privy to incredible ancient architecture and a deep history, but you may also get a chance to enjoy the vast array of Indian street food. We’ve listed five of the best dishes below.

    Aloo Tikki: Lucknow, Nationwide

    street food in india aloo tikki

    Made of boiled potatoes that are puffed and then spruced up with spices and sauce, this street food in India originated in the north and has since spread across the entire country. Different regions have created slightly different variations and names for the delectable vegetarian dish, which is often served with green pea curry and sweet and sour chutneys.

    Kachori: Rajasthan

    street fodo in india kachori

    Known as the land of the royals, the Indian state of Rajasthan is well known for its flavorful and exotic array of delicacies. The street food is no exception, especially when it comes to Kachori. Often called Bikaneri Kachori due to its origin in the Rajasthan city of Bikaner, this crunchy snack features a stuffing of spicy chutneys, hot gravy and a taste that leaves many longing for more.

    Litti Chokha: Bihar

    street food of india litti chokha

    As the largest city in the Indian state of Bihar, Patna is also one of the oldest continuously inhabited areas in the world. The signature dish of the region is Litti Chokha. This versatile dish can be eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or as a welcome snack. It consists of flour, ground gram nut, mashed potato and the eggplant-like vegetable of brinjal doused with melted ghee and served with bread.

    Poha-Jalebi: Indore

    street food of india poha jalebi

    Sweet and sour is the claim to fame of Poha-Jalebi, a delightful dish that hails from the city of Indore. Poha is flattened rice, while Jalebi is a sweet treat created by deep-frying flour into circular or pretzel shapes, and then soaking them in sugar syrup. The dish is typically served up with fennel seeds, sliced onions, the sprouted bean dish of usal, and crunchy noodles called sev.

    Vada Pao: Mumbai, Nationwide

    street food in india vada pao

    Vada Pao is the Indian version of a burger, and it’s also one of the most popular street foods across India. Rather than a patty made of meat, however, Vada Pao features a fried potato dumpling served on a bun. Vada is the name for the dumpling, and the fast food delight is typically served with a lineup of condiments such as fried green chilies and green or red chutneys.

    If you’re heading to India on business, you’ll want to make sure you bring along two essentials. One is your Indian business visa, and the other is a voracious appetite for the scrumptious selection of Indian street food you’re sure to find.

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